Pakistan’s trade balance with ECO Countries remains in deficit, NA told

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan’s volume of trade with Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Countries stands at US$ 3044.4 million, the National Assembly was told.


In a written reply to a question by Shahida Rehmani, the Minister for Commerce told the National Assembly on August 2 that in the Fiscal Year 2020-21, Pakistan’s overall trade balance with ECO Countries remained in negative as its exports were recorded at US$ 1437.2 million whereas its imports were US$ 1607.2 million.

The Minister told that among the ECO Countries, Pakistan enjoyed a surplus trade balance with Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan in FY 2020-21.

However, Pakistan’s trade balance with Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, and Turkmenistan during the period remained in deficit.

The House was told that Pakistan’s exports and imports with Afghanistan in FY 2020-21 were US$ 1018.5 million and US$ 578.7 million respectively, with Azerbaijan US$ 3.3 million and US$ 3.8 million, with Iran US$ 0.00 million and US$ 513.6 million, with Kazakhstan US$ 103.5 million and US$ 0.5 million, with Kyrgyzstan US$ 109 million and US$ 0.0 million, with Tajikistan US$ 2.0 million and 0.8 million, with Turkey US$ 273.6 million and US$ 475.5 million, with Turkmenistan US$ 3.46 million and US$ 7.6 million, and with Uzbekistan US$ 30.81 million and US$ 26.8 million.

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