Pakistan’s leading travel portal records significant growth

BusinessPakistan's leading travel portal records significant growth

During the first year of the pandemic, travel came to a complete stop for a long time. However, most travel agencies and other companies in the tourism sector began to get back on their feet, as people chose to travel again.

In 2021, some companies expanded their businesses to adapt to the situation and provided safe options for all customers. Sastaticket.pk, being one of those companies, recorded huge growth in terms of new clients and product sales or bookings.

Sastaticket.pk offered bookings for flights, hotels, bus tickets and holiday packages over the past year. The sale of these products led to revenue growth of 626% year-over-year (Y-o-Y). The company’s gross merchandise value (GMV) also increased in 2021. Sastaticket.pk recorder GMV growth of 289% Y-o-Y.

If you book flights from Sastaticket.pk, you will find that there are 30 airlines available, for domestic and international routes.


In 2021, Sastaticket.pk offered flight routes to 87 countries! The customer base of the website is mostly focused on flight bookings, and due to such services, it grew by 119% in just a year.

Sastaticket.pk is also known for hotel and bus ticket booking services. The company recorded huge sales on both these products.

Through hotel bookings, Sastaticket.pk recorded 300% growth within ix months. This was possible because the portal offers more than 100,000 accommodations across Pakistan.


The bus ticket booking feature is relatively new, but it has managed to make a significant contribution to the business revenue. In just five months, Sastaticket.pk experienced 40x growth in buses.

You can book buses, flights or hotels through the Sastaticket.pk app as well. The app contributes to 32% of the entire business. In January 2021, the app’s contribution became 32x of its previous value, and a retention rate of 45% was observed.

Due to its immense growth in 2021, Sastaticket.pk started the New Year with a recurring market of 1.8 million.

The company is looking to expand to 8 new cities, and introduce new services in 2022.


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