Pakistan’s 54th Defence Day & Kashmir Solidarity Day observed in Tashkent

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan: The Embassy of Pakistan in Tashkent organized a well-attended event in its premises to jointly commemorate the 54th Defence Day of Pakistan and Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The event was enthusiastically participated by a large number of Pakistani community members and Embassy officials, along with their families, as well as by prominent Uzbek citizens.

Banners and posters depicting both heroes of our armed forces personnel as well as atrocities being committed against the valiant Kashmiri people were prominently displayed all over the Embassy’s spacious hall.

After recitation of Holy Quran and national anthem, the Defence Attaché Aizaz Aizad Amin highlighted the heroic defence of their motherland by our valiant armed forces against the Indian aggression in September 1965.

Likewise, Counsellor (OM Wing) Tahir Aziz Chaudhry highlighted the long-standing valiant struggle waged by the Kashmiri people to achieve their inherent right to self-determination as well as gross human rights violations that continued to be brutally perpetrated by the Indian occupation forces against them for the last over 70 years.

In his address, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan Dr Irfan Yusuf Shami also highlighted both the heroic deeds performed by the valiant personnel of the Armed Forces of Pakistan during the 1965 war as well as the valiant struggle that continued to be waged by the people of Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir to achieve their inherent right to self-determination.

The ambassador urged the participants to pay special tribute to not only their brave Shaheeds and Ghazis of the 1965 war, but also all their compatriots who had given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to protect their motherland and effectively safeguard it from all evil designs of our enemies, particularly the scourge of terrorism.

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Dr Irfan Yusuf Shami highlighted their armed forces highest standards of professionalism; outstanding counter-terrorism successes; consistent and widely-acclaimed contribution in international peace-keeping missions as well as pivotal role in promptly responding  to all kinds of natural calamities ever since their independence in 1947.

Ambassador Dr Irfan Yusuf Shami also dwelt at length about the continuously deteriorating and alarming security and human rights situation in Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir after the illegal and unilateral action by India on 05 August 2019. He urged the participants to continue to widely disseminate information about this serious situation to all their friends and acquaintance in Uzbekistan.

At the conclusion of the event, special prayers were held for both the martyrs of our country and the Kashmiri people as well as for the safely and well-being of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters, who had continued to immensely suffer since the last over 72 years.