Pakistani security forces rescue 11 foreign hostages in Balochistan’s Turbat town

Pakistani security forces rescue 11 foreign hostages in Balochistan's Turbat town

QUETTA: Pakistani security forces on Saturday rescued 11 foreign hostages including eight Iranians, two Tunisians and one Yemeni national, who had been kidnapped by militants in Turbat town of Balochistan, the security officials said.

“11 foreigners were rescued in a raid in a neighbourhood of Turbat town, some 1,050 kilometres (656 miles) west of Quetta,” an unnamed security official told a foreign news agency.

The officials said that the foreign hostages were rescued when the security forces conducted a raid in the area in an attempt to rescue five Iranian border guards, who were kidnapped by a Sunni militant group Jaish ul Adl on February 6 in Jakigour region in the Iranian province of Sistan-Balochistan and allegedly took them across the border to Pakistan.

However, the freed hostages did not include the Iranian border guards, the officials said.