Top 10 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai 2023

UAEDubaiTop 10 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai 2023

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Pakistanis are food lovers. They specialise in making a diverse variety of flavorful dishes that represent the culture of every nook of Pakistan. Pakistanis and everyone around the globe praise the burst of flavour in Pakistani food. The lives of our local cuisine are famous in Dubai as well. Therefore, there are a lot of Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. 


Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai

Many Pakistani restaurants in Dubai provide comprehensive menus to bring the same authentic Pakistani food. These restaurants satisfy the tastebuds of everyone who wants to taste desi foods. Moreover, these eateries help cope with the homesickness of the Dubai Pakistani residents who long to enjoy their homeland’s flavourful foods. Here are some of the best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai:

  • Lahore Grill
  • Zafran
  • Ravi Restaurant 
  • Lahori Karahi
  • Biryani Center
  • Karachi Darbar
  • Curry House
  • Biryani Pot
  • Chappal Kebab
  • Lahori Tikka

Lahore Grill

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Known for its authentic Pakistani food, Lahore Grill serves traditional dishes such as biryani, tikka, and kebabs. The menu is comprehensive yet pocket friendly for all. Along with the food, the restaurants provide a fresh and airy seating arrangement outside. It is a good family spot to enjoy luxury Pakistani dining.


best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Offering a mix of traditional and modern Pakistani cuisine, Zafran serves dishes such as lamb chops, fish tikka, and chicken biryani. The menu contains a wide variety to meet the needs of every desi food lover. The customers can enjoy the finest dining along the maritime sideline, providing a spectacular ambience with the aromatic dining experience. 

Ravi Restaurant

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

A popular spot for Pakistani street food, Ravi Restaurant serves dishes such as chaat, gol gappa, and dahi bhalla. If you love delicious traditional curry dishes or juicy and tender freshly grilled meat, Ravi Restaurant offers it all. 

It has indoor and outdoor seating arrangements that you can choose according to your dining season. The menu contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes in a pocket-friendly range.

Lahori Karahi

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Lahori Karahi is one of the most famous Pakistani restaurants in Dubai for its exceptional food; Lahori Karahi serves traditional dishes such as tikka, biryani, and karahi.

As the name suggests, the restaurant has many Karahis made of fresh lamb, beef, and chicken. It provides a perfect ambience that gives a pleasant dining experience to visitors.

Biryani Centre

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

This restaurant is known for its biryani dishes, including chicken, mutton, and shrimp biryani. Name a biryani; you will get it here with balanced, flavorful spices.

Karachi Darbar

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Karachi Darbar serves traditional Pakistani dishes such as tikka, biryani, and haleem. Customers call it the best value for Pakistani food because the chefs are highly trained to make the right national foods. So, visit Karachi Darbar for the traditional royal food in its authentic taste. Whether you want a full-fledged meal or a tea-time snack, Karachi Darbar has backed you up with anything you want from the desi food palette.

House of Curry

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

House of Curry serves various Pakistani and Indian dishes, including curries, tikka, and biryani. It is located near Jumeirah Beach, which makes the dining experience more pleasant. The ambience is perfect for enjoying the best dining time with your friends and family. 

Biryani Pot

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Biryani Pot is known for its biryani dishes and other traditional Pakistani food. The most famous words for Biryani Pot are Biryani Pot Mix Grill, Lamb Curry, Paneer Biryani, Tandoori Prawns, Grilled Chicken Steak, and Ras Malai. There are also veg options and a keto diet menu for health-conscious people. You can enjoy indoor as well as outdoor dining. 

Pathan fish and Chappal Kebab

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Chappal Kebab serves traditional Pakistani dishes such as kebabs, biryani, and haleem. Straight from the traditions of Peshawar, Pathan fish and Chapli kabab is the right spot if you are craving some substantial portion sizes of Lamb karahi or the juiciest chapli kabab. 

Lahori Tikka

best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai

Lahori Tikka is a popular spot for traditional Pakistani dishes such as tikka, biryani, and karahi. You can also find Indian cuisine here. The visitors can choose to dine indoors as well as outdoors. The ambience is minimalistic yet attractive and comfortable, with a good value for Pakistani food.

If you are residing in Dubai or have a chance to visit, those mentioned above are the must-visit Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. So, satisfy your nostalgic feelings for Pakistani cuisine. For the best desi food restaurants in Lahore, click here.

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