Top 5 Pakistani Perfume Brands for Ladies

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Buying perfumes can be challenging for girls and women alike. There are many perfume brands available in the market but only a few end up winning the hearts of the ladies all over Pakistan. It goes without saying that a good perfume not only adds charm to an individual’s personality but also defines him or her. With more Pakistani perfume brands for ladies coming to the local market, it has become difficult to make a decision about a particular brand. Most commonly recorded feedback of the female perfume customers speaks that a perfume should have a pleasant fragrance, long-lasting ability, and easy to afford. If you agree with these key points, we can totally agree with you. Want to find some of the best Pakistani perfume brands for women? We have got you covered with a list of 5 most promising brands easily available in the market to buy.

5 Must-Try Pakistani Perfumes for Women

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Bloom Pour Femme by J.

Pakistani Perfume Brands for Ladies

J. needs no introduction when it comes to some of the most market competitive brands in the local market. The brand’s Bloom Pour Femme is a popular perfume among females of all age groups. The fragrance is very refreshing and contains citrus, rose, and peony. These ingredients combine to give off the floral refreshing vibe. You can find it in a floral bottle and packaging that is itself a treat for the eyes.

How to Buy it

If you want to purchase this amazing scent, you can either head to your nearest J. store, or buy it online via the following direct link at a price of PKR 3,000 (or less depending on promotion campaigns).


Sweet Fantasy by Waseem Badami

Waseem Badami is one of the recent additions to the list of perfume brands in Pakistan. The brand is garnering success for its unique and charming fragrances. Sweet Fantasy is a soft and sweet fragrance highly suitable for those who do not like strong fragrances. You can wear it on any special occasion as well as on any typical work day based on your preference. Moreover, the fragrance gives off strong vibes of a rose garden. You can find it available in a soft pink coloured packaging.

How to Buy it

If you are interested to buy Sweet Fantasy perfume for women, you can find it either on any of the nearest Waseem Badami outlet or purchase it online at the following direct link with a price tag of PKR 2,350 (prices can vary due to promotional campaigns).


Falak by Bonanza Satrangi

Pakistani Perfume Brands for Ladies

Bonanza Satrangi is a very popular local brand for clothing as well as fragrances. If you are looking for a signature perfume that sets you apart in the crowd, Falak by Bonanza Satrangi is a great choice to go with. The key components that make up the lovely fragrance include strawberry, raspberry, peach, and plum. You can experience a highly refreshing and long-lasting perfume experience with Falak.

How to Buy it 

Falak perfume is conveniently available at all the Bonanza Satrangi outlets. You can head to your nearest official shop to purchase the perfume at a price of PKR 2,980 (prices can vary due to promotional campaigns). If you want to purchase it online, you can follow the direct link below.


Orange Bloom by Khaadi


Although widely famous as a clothing brand, Khaadi has also established a well-reputed mark in the domain of perfumes. Orange Bloom by Khaadi is a citrusy fragrance that leaves a very refreshing impact. If your taste of perfume fragrances prefers fresh, joyous, and citrusy vibe, this is the perfume for you. The overall packaging of the perfume bottle is simply amazing.

How to Buy it

Orange Bloom is easily available at the Khaadi outlets. You can head on to your nearest Khaadi store to purchase the perfume at a price of PKR 2,290 (prices can vary due to promotional campaigns). You can also purchase the perfume online at the official web link below.


Moonlight by J.

Pakistani Perfume Brands for Ladies


A completely unique blend of honey and amber along with floral scents makes up the famous Moonlight by J. This perfume gives off a romantic yet elegant vibe highly suitable for casual and formal gatherings. You can enjoy a fresh and morning-like vibe after wearing this amazing perfume. Moreover, you do not have to worry about using the perfume again and again as it has a very long-lasting effect. This perfume is a must-try on the list of best Pakistani perfume brands for ladies.

How to Buy it 

Just like other J. fragrances, Moonlight is also easily available at any of the official J. outlets near your location. You can purchase the perfume bottle for PKR 2,900 (prices can vary due to promotional campaigns). If you want to save the hassle, you can also buy it online at the following official web link.


We hope you liked reading the details about the top 5 Pakistani perfume brands for ladies. Feel free to share your feedback.

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What is the best perfume for ladies in Pakistan?
  • Bloom Pour Femme by J.
  • Sweet Fantasy by Waseem Badami
  • Falak by Bonanza Satrangi
  • Orange Bloom by Khaadi
  • Moonlight by J.
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