Pakistani National Songs: The role of PTV and ISPR to promote Patriotism

Pakistani National Songs: The role of PTV and ISPR to promote Patriotism


Islamabad, Pakistan: The downloads of Pakistan National Songs and sales of their dvd, cd and even cassettes have increased during the last 24 hours all over Pakistan.

The situation indicates that patriotism lives and live inside every Pakistani. The era of 70s is known for the production of the best patriotic songs when every year state run Pakistan Television Corporation used to record mili nagme —- National songs before national days like Pakistan Day, Defence Day and Independence Day. The contribution of PTV to raise nationalism is matchless and beyond any debate. PTV is still the only channel that promotes nationalism through its pro-Pakistan broadcast on national days.  Now Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) of Pakistan Army is also playing a pivotal role to promote patriotism and Pakistaniat among people through national songs endorsing  the role of Pakistan Army in its fight against terrorism and otherwise. ISPR also won some international competitions for documentary making. There is no doubt that ISPR is using new tools and moving to new dimensions for influencing perception of youth.

Two songs recorded by ISPR can be considered as blockbusters that include the top most Wanted song “Bara Dushman Bana Phirta”. While another song “Yeh Banday Mitti kay Banday” is also quit popular one.

The best national songs came during and after 1965 Indo-Pak war. Then patriotism was promoted during the era of late Prime Minister Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto during 1971-77. However, nationalism was discouraged after his judicial killing by Army Dictator Gen. Ziaul Haq and then state tools were told to promote Muslim Ummah instead of Pakistan because Narrative was changed to “Universality of Islam” instead of “Pakistaniat”.

Best voices for patriotic of past include Mehdi Hassan, Noor Jahan, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Naheed Akhtar, Shahnaz and Mahnaaz. whenever someone listens Pakistan national songs, two names immeiately comes in mind and they are Sohail Rana  and Nisar Bazmi who created everlasting song through their awesome compositions.

Best mili naghme include:


Ai watan kay

Chand meri zameen

Hamara percham

Jkeevay Jeevay Pakistan

Hum Mustafavi Hein

Yeh watan tumahra hai

Khayal Rakhna

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The role of PTV and ISPR to promote Patriotism in Pakistan

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