Pakistani media highlights Black January 1990 massacre that took place in Baku Azerbaijan

Pakistani media highlight January 1990 massacre that took place in Baku Azerbaijan

Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistani media remembers massacre of January 20, 1990 and other related events of Black January and pays tributes to martyrs of independence of Azerbaijan.

Black January is observed in several countries including Pakistan to commemorate the bloody events of Black January when in 1990 the former Soviet army entered capital Baku, killing and wounding hundreds of innocent and defenseless people irrespective of gender and age including children, men, women, young and old.

Azerbaijan Embassy in Islamabad also held an event in Iqra University Islamabad titled “From Martyrdom to Independence” and Azerbaijani Ambassador Ali Alizada while addressing the event said that both Pakistan and Azerbaijan sacrificed too much for their independence and we pay rich tributes to all martyrs.

Soviet tanks ramming cars in Baku streets without even giving warning, killing people within their vehicles

DND Newspaper online version released a special article “Black January of Azerbaijan to Kashmir’s Pellet Horror”, in which writer remembers that heavy handed crackdown of Soviet forces in operation resulted in indiscriminate killing of 137 civilians with hundreds wounded and many missing. The aggression is known as “Black January” or “January Massacre”.

Black January in Baku was in response to Azerbaijan’s drive to regain its independence. Black January was terrible and sad day for Azerbaijan however it is also considered as milestone on the road to its freedom and independence.

Black January 

Black January is commended every year in Azerbaijan as national mourning day with national flag flown at half-staff within the country and in diplomatic missions abroad.

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Helpless old lady being shifted to a save place

Pakistani radios and television in their bulletins indicate that Azerbaijan is observing Black January and Pakistan stands with its Azerbaijani brothers.

Relatives of innocent people who gave their lives for freedom are mourning

Meanwhile, state run Azeri news agency Azertac reported that special meetings, conferences, lectures will be organized, plays will be staged, films and documentaries will be screened to commemorate the bloody events of Black January.

Azerbaijan`s embassies, missions and diaspora organizations in foreign countries will organize commemorative events and increase the international community`s awareness of January 20 tragedy through the mass media, including television, radio and the Internet.

According to the plan, commemorative events will also be held by religious confessions and organizations, higher educational institutions and secondary schools across the country.

The plan will also see the provision of humanitarian aid to families of those who were martyred in the bloody events.

A Nation that shall never forget their heroes—Azerbaijan

A nationwide minute of silence for victims of the Bloody January will be observed at 12.00 on January 20 and the national flag will be lowered across the country, according to the plan of events.