Pakistani Actors in Hollywood Movies – 5 Stars Who Worked in Hollywood

Here are the 5 Pakistani actors who appeared in the Hollywood movies!


Pakistan’s showbiz industry is full of promising talent. Many stars of the country have appeared on the big screen in local cinemas owing to their exceptional acting. We have seen a few collaborations between Pakistani and Indian cinema over the years. While this may be true, have you ever wondered if Pakistan’s stars collaborated with Hollywood? If yes, you may find some really interesting surprises here. Let’s talk about the 5 Pakistani actors in Hollywood movies that you may not be aware of.

Pakistani Actors in Hollywood

Adnan Siddique

Pakistani actors in Hollywood

This magnificent actor needs no introduction. Adnan Siddique has never failed to inspire fans across the globe through his acting abilities. Not many may know this but Adnan has also worked in Hollywood alongside Angelina Jolie and other actors including Sajid Hasan and Aly Khan in the film ‘A Mighty Heart’. The film was released in 2007.

Faran Tahir

Pakistani actors in Hollywood

Faran Tahir is the brother of actor Ali Tahir and the son of Naeem Tahir. While Naeem Tahir and his son Ali Tahir made successful acting careers in the local showbiz industry, Faran Tahir moved to America to pursue acting in Hollywood. The actor has worked in numerous Hollywood films achieving success globally. His famous movies include Escape Plan, The Jungle Book, Iron Man, and Star Trek.

Mahnoor Baloch

When it comes to no aging beauty, Mahnoor Baloch takes the lead. She is a versatile senior TV and film actor in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Not many may know this but the glamourous actor has also worked in Hollywood back in 2013. Mahnoor Baloch appeared alongside Faran Tahir in the Hollywood film ‘Torn’.

Iqbal Theba

Pakistani actors in Hollywood

Iqbal has a similar acting profile as Faran Tahir. Although he hails from Pakistan, Iqbal Theba has worked in several Hollywood films over the years. Some of his famous Hollywood work includes Transformers, Blind Dating, Glee (TV show), and Playing for Keeps.

Meesha Shafi

The rockstar music sensation of Pakistan Meesha Shafi has tried her luck with acting on the big screen in Pakistan as well as Hollywood. She has received a lot of praise for her acting in the films by the audience. You may not know this but Meesha Shafi has worked in the Hollywood movie ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ – a movie based on a book written by Mohsin Hamid back in 2012.

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