Pakistan weather: Dust storm, thunder shower likely in upper region from Monday

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Met office on Thursday said a rain spell is likely to hit upper region of the country including Upper Punjab, Upper Khaber Pakhtunkhwa, federal capital Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir from Monday.

Meteorologist, Muhammad Asghar told that dust storm, thunder shower would continue till Tuesday and in isolated places may prolong till Wednesday whereas gusty winds are also expected in plain areas of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during this time span.

The rain would subside the current heat wave, he said pointing out that mercury is expected to fall down giving a sigh of relief to the people currently suffering through severe heat wave.

The spell may not affect Sindh and Balochistan areas and the heat wave might continue in these parts during next week, he informed.

However, he said during the current week the temperatures would remain almost 4 to 5 degree above from normal range and people should adopt precautionary measures to keep themselves save from heat affects.

He informed that since 16th May 1986, a record breaking temperature of 49 degree was recorded yesterday in Hyderabad, adding that in Larkana mercury remained 52 degree but it was not record breaking.

Senior doctor, Poly Clinic Hospital Dr. Sharif Astori warned citizens to avoid direct exposure to sun and work under shade as much possible.

He advised labourers do maximum work in morning and evening and during hottest hours around noon, take some rest or finish indoor tasks.

Dr. Astori said people should keep water with them and increase intake of liquids like juices, ORS, lemonade etc. to maintain required mineral and salt level in body.

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“Do not take unhygienic drinks from vendors in the market to quench their thrust, as it is home of diseases”, he strictly warned.

He further said people should cover their body, avoid half sleeves dresses, or short paints while going out and prefer cotton fabric rather than nylon.

School going children are most vulnerable, Dr. Astori said adding, ensure water bottle with them while they leave for school and restrict them taking any unhygienic food from market.

The initial symptoms of heatstroke are headache, dry lips and tongue, fast heart beat, nausea, vomiting, he said adding, if these are observed, the affected person should be taken under shade immediately, cool his body with chilled strips and take him to hospital at the earliest.

In the hospital they receive almost 50 patients daily related to heat stroke complains, he stated adding, the hospital management has taken special arrangements for giving immediate treatment to such patients.

Source: APP


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