Pakistan to scale peaks of progress if we came to power: Nawaz Sharif

FAISALABAD: Mian Nawaz Sharif PML (N) leader, Tuesday vowed that Pakistan would scale the peaks of progress in their next government, The Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported.

“Power loadshedding was nonexistent in our days. Instead of a shortfall there was a surplus to the extent that even India was trying to buy electricity form us. In those days Pakistan commanded respect from the world”, said PML-N leader delivering a speech at an election rally in Dijkot. “Whatever the rulers did for the country they did it as if they were doing a favour to the nation”, said Nawaz.

Poking at his political rivals he said big players, amateurs, and jugglers had jumped into the arena to swindle the people of Pakistan out of whatever they were left with. Talking about his past accomplishments, he proudly claimed that no other country but Pakistan in the region had an interstate highway as grand as the Motorway, one of the landmark projects ever undertaken in the country.

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