Pakistan to hold Trade Conference in Nairobi in January next year

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Prime Minister’s Adviser on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razaq Dawood has said that under the ambit of the “Look Africa Policy Initiative”, the Ministry of Commerce has planned to hold a Trade Conference in Nairobi on January 30-31 next year which will bring stakeholders from both sides to explore trade enhancement opportunities.

While addressing the Envoys’ Conference titled Engage Africa in Islamabad on Thursday, Abdul Razaq Dawood said that the “Look Africa Policy Initiative” has the potential to double Pakistan’s trade volume with Africa in the next five years which currently stands at $4.28 billion.

The adviser said that under the initiative, the Ministry of Commerce is opening up six new commercial sections in Africa which include Algeria Egypt, Ethiopia, Senegal, Sudan and Tanzania.

Razaq Dawood said that reaping the benefits of Belt Road Initiative (BRI), Pakistan has the potential to export rice, engineering foods, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, sports goods, surgical instruments, cutlery and furniture to Africa.

In his address at the Envoy’s Conference, the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed the commitment to develop a strong relationship with the African Countries.

The foreign minister said that the Foreign Office will fully facilitate and cooperate with the Commerce Ministry to achieve this objective.