Pakistan to expose India’s role in destabilizing Pakistan: Aziz

Pakistan to expose India's role in destabilizing Pakistan: Aziz

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan has said that it will take all possible steps to expose India’s role in the breakup of East Pakistan in 1971 and its declared policy of destabilizing Pakistan through terrorism.

During his recent visit to Bangladesh, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi admitted that his country was involved in the events of 1971 in the then East Pakistan.

While giving a police statement in the Senate on Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said that the government has taken strong note of Modi’s such statements. He urged the international community to take note of India’s acknowledgement of its blatant interference in a sovereign neighbouring country.

“Such statements only confirm Pakistan’s stance on India’s activities to destabilize Pakistan,” Aziz said.

The advisor said that it is regrettable that Narendra Modi chose Bangladesh for the statement which was aimed at fanning hatred against Pakistan in Bangladesh.

Sartaj Aziz reiterated that the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh not only share common religious bonds but they also waged a joint struggle for independence against colonial rule.

“Indian attempts to sow seeds of discord between the two brotherly nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh will not succeed,” he said.

The advisor said that while in Bangladesh, the Indian prime minister also tried to make a case for India’s permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council. He said that India does not qualify for the seat because it has been violating the UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir as well as of its recent admission of interference in East Pakistan.

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“It is ironical for India to make such a claim in the face of the fact that India has been in violation of UNSC’s longstanding resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.


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