Pakistan shows serious concern over Indian highhanded measures after Guru’s execution

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has reaffirmed its solidarity with the People of Jammu and Kashmir and expressed serious concern on the high handed measures taken by India in the wake of Afzal Guru’s execution, Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported on Monday.

Spokesman of the Foreign Office Mohazzam Ahmed Khan in response to a media question regarding the recent hanging of Afzal Guru said, he would not want to go into details of the trial process.

The same was being discussed and debated by the media and the Human Rights organizations.

However, he said India is suppress the aspirations of Kashmiris by arrests and detention of Hurriyat leaders, curfew, news blackout and other coercive means.

The spokesman called for the lifting of repressive measures and immediate release of Hurriyat leaders.