Pakistan showcasing products in Baku Exhibition

BusinessPakistan showcasing products in Baku Exhibition

By Tural Asadi

Baku, Azerbaijan: Trinational joint trade exhibition of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan started in Baku on Thursday.

More than 50 companies are taking part in the exhibition (35 of which are from Pakistan), as well as more than 200 delegates are registered.

It should be noted that Pakistani businessmen showed special interest in the exhibition and have high hopes for the promotion of their products in the markets of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

In an interview with Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency, one of the exhibitors, Suleiman Yakub, said:

“We brought various leather goods from Pakistan. As you know, Pakistan is famous for the highest quality skin in the world. We hope that after we present our goods to Azerbaijani buyers, they will interest them. We see great potential here, Baku is a good market. This is a good platform where everyone can offer their goods.

Yakub also stressed that such exhibitions will certainly affect the strengthening of Azerbaijani-Pakistani relations and the strengthening of ties between people.

Pakistani businessmen presented in Baku with a wide range of goods.

Kasim Ali Awan, introducing his product, said:

“I hope that this new market will be a good opportunity for us. But it seems to me that one exhibition will not be enough to familiarize local people with our products. need to hold them regularly. So, Pakistani businessmen will visit Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijani Pakistan. As a result, business contacts will be established. In addition, in this way there will be an opportunity to demonstrate more and more goods”.

Trade in fruits and vegetables has always been one of the most important components of trade. Pakistani businessmen have left no attention to this aspect, bringing with them fruits and vegetables from Pakistan for acquaintance of Baku residents.

“We have already started to establish contacts with Azerbaijani entrepreneurs. And in this regard, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore the market, find real partners and buyers. In addition, it serves to strengthen interstate relations, ”said Muhammad Asif Igbal, export director at Naqshbandi Enterprises.

Baku residents have heard about high-quality and affordable Pakistani clothing. An opportunity to learn more and feel quality by touch, Baku residents were suggested by the founder of Samar Set Up, Qamar Butt.

His company is engaged in the production of sportswear: “Before this exhibition, we already had one order from Baku, which we sent to Azerbaijan. I hope that through this exhibition we will find new customers. ”

Every year Azerbaijan is considering new markets offering pharmaceutical products, partners in joint production of medicines.

“Excellent coverage of Pakistani stalls in Azerbaijani print media–televisions and radio. Azerbaijan gave them Exceptional hospitality and coverage,”, said one trader when asked about his experience about exhibition.

It is not surprising that many similar companies are present at the first joint exhibition of Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Turkey. Zafar Baloch, Director of Sales and Export of WnsFeild Pharmaceuticals, says that the Azerbaijani market will be interested in high-quality pharmaceutical products of his company, noting that Pakistan has not been behind Europe in recent years.

“In Pakistan, the quality of medicines is very strictly monitored and therefore we produce high-quality products. That is comparable with European medicines. I also want to note that almost all of our employees are local specialists. So, this exhibition is an excellent opportunity to offer Azerbaijanis our domestic product, ” said Zafar Baloch.

The exhibition runs until April 13.

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