Pakistan Railways adds 10 passenger trains in last three years

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: With the addition of 10 more trains in last three years the number of passenger trains has swelled to 106 as compared to 96 in 2013.

An official in the Ministry of Railways told the state-run news agency that an average of 60 freight trains are also operating across the country right now.

Giving details of trains, he said 38 mail express trains, 36 intercity, 14 passenger, 6 mixed, 6 international and 6 shuttle trains are in operation, the official added.

In 2013, only one freight train was originating ex-port per day and now the number of freight trains originating from ports has increased to 10 per day, he added.

To a question, he said the impression that a number of routes have been closed down during last five years in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is not correct. As a matter of fact no route was closed during last five years.

However, he said that only a passenger train running between Rawalpindi-Kohat and back has been closed since in 2011 being commercially unviable.

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