Listen and Download Pakistan Navy song “Sada Rehna Pakistan Zindabad” which is released on Independence Day

Pakistan Navy released its patriotic video song “Sada Rehna Pakistan Zindabad” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan last year but this song is still very popular because of its touching lyrics.


It is beautifully composed and has shown intense love for motherland which is beyond religious and geographical boundaries. The lyrics of the song and shredded voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is enthralling and deep-toned. Each word of “Sada Rehna Pakistan Zindabad” is powerful enough to give one goosebumps.

“Sada Rehna Pakistan Zindabad” is truly an example of love for motherland and to revive the sense of patriotism in young minds. The stanza “Sada Rehna Pakistan Zindabad” is strongly defending its honor and hoping for the safety of the motherland. It really Sums up the feelings for Pakistan.

Sada Rehna Pakistan Zindabad will be remembered for a long time because Pakistan Navy was not popular for releasing patriotic songs while Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Army have been contributing in this field for igniting patriotism among youth. Now Pakistan Navy also stande with other forces to promote patriotism through releasing song.

It is expected that Pakistan Navy will also release a new song on forthcoming August 14 Independence Day. It is pertinent to mention that ISPR is expected to release its special song on August 13, 2018 night for Independence Day.

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