Pakistan issues guideline for hunters of rare birds

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The federal government has released a guideline for foreign hunters of rare birds in Pakistan.

Every year foreigners especially from the Middle East travel to Pakistan to hunt rare birds in particular the internationally protected houbara bustards in South Punjab and Balochistan regions.

Though there is a ban on houbara bustards hunting in Pakistan but yet wealthy sheikhs get special permits for hunting.

The diplomatic sources citing the documents said that now the government has issued a guideline for these hunters, and which has been forwarded to all concerned Embassies abroad.

Documents say that under the guideline, hunters of rare birds will have to pay fee in US dollars, and payment in any other currency won’t be accepted.

The hunters will pay US $1,000 as fee, and they would be allowed to hunt not more than 100 birds. In addition, Custom Duty will also be levied on all hunted birds.

Besides payment of fee, foreign hunters will also require to carry out development work in the concerned area.

As per documents, snaps of hunting area will also be taken before and after the hunting.

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