Pakistan Independence Day 2014 with a new flag!

Pakistan Independence Day 2014

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Letter to editor by Raza Ahmed: Pakistan Independence Day 2014 with a new flag has been celebrated in Pakistan this time. Flags of different political parties like PTI and PAT are hovering over the country specifically in Lahore and Islamabad instead of Pakistani Flag. However Pakistan Independence Day 2014 was celebrated through out the month of August 2014 as announced by Government of Pakistan, starting from 1st August 2014.

Moreover for the first time in the history of Pakistan, Army March-past was observed on the night of 13th august 2014. The present 14 august is a very crucial day for Pakistan because of the current circumstances. Few political parties are trying their best to derail the democracy and give birth to unrest in Pakistan.

“The country is appreciative to our officers and we salute them for their grit,” the president said amid his discourse.

A 21-firearm salute was discharged in common capitals, while a 31-weapon salute was given in Islamabad to celebrate the.

A 2400-square-foot banner has likewise been ready that will be raised in Islamabad later amid the day.HashmicaravanIMAGE11

It won’t be a big deal if I say that this is  the first time that political flags are being raised instead of Pakistani flag. PTI and PAT flags are hovering for last 7 days on streets and rallies but not the green flag with the white crescent and a star. No charm of patriotism is being observed in Pakistan this time but just the political loyalty due to which people are out on roads with political flags. However the government announced to celebrate Independence day throughout the month starting from 1st August. On the other hand Prime Minister Executive Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday introduced recently reproduced Ziarat residency where establishing father Quaid-e-Azam used his last days. The residency was restored to its unique shape in a short compass of four months at an expense of 150 million rupees. On finishing of this authentic and critical building, the colors of Ziarat city are additionally returning and it will be opened for voyagers and guests soon.PTIKPKOFFICIALSTORY

Apart from all this, Google’s doodle  emphasizes the sprouting blossom molded Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Pakistan Monument is a national landmark that speaks to the nation’s four territories and three regions.

Prior to an engineer was finished to outline this landmark, a rival was held among outstanding planners of that time. Also at last, Arif Masood’s arrangement was chosen for the last plan.

Imran 2

The four principle petals of the Pakistan Monument speak to the four territories -Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh – while the three more modest petals speak to the three domains – Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.


Pakistan Independence Day 2014

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