Pakistan exports over $50 million goods to Japan in July-September 2021


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan exported goods worth more than US$ 50 million to Japan during the period July-September 2021, which is 24.21% more as compared to the exports realized during the same period last year.

In addition to textile items, major exports to Japan this quarter include agricultural and food products indicating realization of the export diversification strategy the Embassy of Pakistan in Tokyo has been pursuing for the past two years.

This trend is expected to gain further momentum once pandemic-related logistical limitations start getting settled.

Achieving US$ 50.6 million export during the first quarter of the current financial year vis-à-vis US$ 41.1 million last year, despite a large set of challenges facing international trade due to COVID-19, is mainly due to better awareness of Pakistani products in Japan through an aggressive campaign of reaching out to Japanese companies and supply chains; and improved compliance of standard requirements on the supply side; and, an experience-based increasing interest, acceptance, and confidence of Japanese buyers in Pakistani products.

Pakistan’s Trade Mission in Japan has been able to stand out during the recent years with the presence at all major trade shows in absence of participation by exporters due to travel restrictions; presenting options of business with Pakistan to regional business chambers and trade associations; engaging the public through social media and promotion activities to create ownership; and, encouraging Pakistani business community in Japan to engage in Pakistan focused trade.

Rice, sesame seed, fish fillet, mangoes, dates, and cotton yarn are the leading products driving this growth.

Other significant exportable items showing an increasing trend include sports equipment, surgical instruments, animal casing, chromium ore, carpets, gloves, socks, and tanned leather.

According to the trade data updated by the Ministry of Commerce, the overall global export of Pakistan has been showing a consistent growing trend during the first quarter, and exports to Japan are following the same trend. To sustain this positive trade trajectory with Japan, this Mission is executing product and sector-specific promotional campaigns in collaboration with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) through a series of webinars, tasting events, and virtual B2B meetings for Pakistani exporters.

Among the recent activities hosted at the Embassy of Pakistan in Tokyo focused on dates, salt, mangoes, surgical instruments, handicrafts, and furniture.

During the second quarter, in addition to promoting a diverse range of exportable products, efforts will also be made to increase export of services from Pakistan to Japan mainly covering information technology and consulting services; and, export of manpower – both unskilled and skilled workforce, for which demand is increasing in Japan.

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