Pakistan Embassy in Baku Celebrates Independence & Kashmir Solidarity Day

BAKU, Azerbaijan: Pakistan’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Azerbaijan Said Khan Mohmand has said that India’s move to suspend Jammu and Kashmir’s Special Status is contrary to UN resolutions and aims to alter Kashmir’s demography.

While speaking at the flag hoisting ceremony held on Wednesday at Pakistan’s Embassy in Baku in connection with Pakistan’s 73rd Independence Day and Kashmir Solidarity Day, the ambassador said that “Today is the day of Pakistan’s independence. Today we also celebrate our peace with the Kashmiri people. Despite Kashmir’s decision to self-determination and UN resolutions after independence on August 14, 1947, India did not allow it.”

The ambassador said that under the August 5, 1954 amendment to the Constitution of India, the Kashmiri may be able to determine their own destiny, but India does not allow it.

Said Khan Mohmand said that an additional 38,000 force was deployed to the Indian Occupied Kashmir and a curfew was used for nine days. TV and the Internet have been shut down, and the world has lost contact with Kashmir. Protests against this decision were used with grenades. Tourism is the source of income but the Indian government has warned tourists to leave the area.

The ambassador said that the situation has also led to criticism in India. The Sikhs and Christians including the Indian opposition condemned the decision. India’s ruling party has been remembered for hostility to Muslims over the past five years. They have burned their churches over the years, forcing Christians to worship Hindu religion.

The envoy said that one of the reasons for the decision is to spread the idea of ​​”India for Indians.” The Indians will now be able to change the demographic situation of Kashmir and make claims in the United Nations.

Said Khan Mohmand said that will mark India’s Independence Day on August 15 as a mournful day.