Pakistan Electric Car (NUR-E 75) launched on 75th Independence

Cars in PakistanPakistan Electric Car (NUR-E 75) launched on 75th Independence

Pakistan electric car

For promoting decarbonization and a healthy environment, car companies, all over the world, had been working on their electric vehicles. Pakistan, too, did not stay behind on the track. So, we have gotten our own Pakistan electric car (NUR-E 75). The company launched it on the 75th Independence of Pakistan which is why the name is set as NUR-E 75.

The companies in the other countries took to this track earlier than Pakistan. But, as electric cars are not mainstream and new to the market, the prices are too high. Since Pakistan has entered the market, we can expect that electric cars will take over the streets by replacing fuel cars.

Pakistan Electric Car Origin

Pakistan electric car

The local makers launched the prototype of the car on the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan at Beach Luxury Hotel at 4 pm. DICE Foundation developed this NUR-E 75 on the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan. DICE Foundation is a US-based NGO set up by Pakistans. The core aim of the organization is to enter the mainstream market of Pakistan where Suzuki Alto is the best seller. The development is done by DICE, however, the selling will begin under the company called Jazari. The name is chosen after the name of a Muslim scientist, Ismail-al-Jazari.


The design of NUR-E 75 looks like a mixture of Honda-E and N-One from the front. It is giving off both a retro yet modern look from the round headlights and a 2000s-era hatchback design. The front has some style but the rear looks quite boring and simple.


Pakistan electric car

Pakistan electric car

The dashboard seems almost a decade older in design. The interior seems to be of a low quality. Because AC vents are not adjustable and the plastic on the interior is not of high quality. The company needs to improve the rear of the vehicle and improve the quality of its interior, this Pakistan electric car is a successful addition to the EV market.


The battery will be 35 KW which charging will take around 7-8 hours from a regular charger. But, if we use a DC fast charger, the charging will take up to 2 hours.

NUR-E 75 will have a 107HP/ 200Nm powered by a single electric motor. The car could reach up to the limit of 127km/h. With this motor, the car could travel 200km with the AC on. However, it depends upon the driving speed and the usage of AC that how will the range vary.

Local Production

The local production will begin in the last quarter of 2024 with 60 per cent of its parts locally manufactured. The founder of the DICE foundation stated that production will increase up to 80 per cent in the coming years. So, we will get Pakistan Electric Car NUR-E 75 in 2025 or late.


Dr Khurshid Qureshi, the founder of the DICE Foundation gave an estimate that the car will cost more than Rs. 2 million. So, we can expect the rice to be in the range of Rs. 3-4 million. As it is a direct and local competitor to Honda E and Nissan Leaf, the price will be lower than these to penetrate the market.

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