Pakistan demands cessation of drone strikes

Pakistan demands cessation of drone strikes

NEW YORK: Pakistan has demanded cessation of drone strikes at tribal areas as these strikes violate Pakistan’s sovereignty and the established principles of international human rights and humanitarian law.

Speaking at a debate on “Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism” at the UN General Assembly, the Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations ambassador Masood Khan termed drone strikes as counter-productive for the efforts aimed at countering violent extremism.

The envoy said that Pakistan denounces terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and condemns killings by terrorists anywhere in the world.

Masood Khan said that for the past several years, Pakistan has fought an unrelenting war against terrorism planted on its soil. He said that Pakistan incurred huge costs in human life and resources in war on terror.

Talking about operation Zarb-e-Azb, Masood Khan said that a military operation was launched in North Waziristan to flush out terrorists.

Pointing to the rapid and destructive spread of terrorism, the Pakistani envoy called for UN Counter-Terrorism Strategy to focus attention on addressing festering disputes, foreign occupation and denial of the right of self-determination.

The Pakistani ambassador said that proposed convention must be consistent with the International Humanitarian Law clearly differentiating between acts of terrorism and legitimate struggle for self-determination of people living under foreign occupation.

Masood Khan also said that dialogue among civilization is imperative to prevent divergences in attitudes and thoughts from becoming fodder for the terrorists ideologies.