Pakistan Civil Awards conferment on 14 August 2015

Pakistan Civil Awards conferment on 14 August 2015Islamabad, Pakistan: On the occasion of Independence Day, 14th August, 2015, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has conferred the following Civil Awards on citizens of Pakistan as well as Foreign Nationals for showing excellence and courage in their respective fields, says a press release received from Cabinet Division. The investiture ceremony of 156 awards will take place on Pakistan Day, 23rd March, 2016:-


S. No. Name of Awardee Field 
 I.          NISHAN-I-IMTIAZ
1.  Mr. Parvez Butt(Punjab) Engineering (Mechanical)
2.  Dr. Ishrat Hussain(Sindh) Public Service
3. Mr. Anwar Ali(Punjab) Science (Physics)
4. Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Mukhtar(Punjab) Science (Physics)
5. Ms. Zeba Ali(Punjab) Arts (Film Production)


6.  Ch. Zulfiqar Ali Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
7.  Director Maj (R) Muhammad Aslam Pervez(Gilgit Baltistan) Gallantry
8.  Mr. Moeen Habib Khan(Punjab) Gallantry
9.  Mr. Tehseen Ullah Shah(KPK) Gallantry
10. Mr. Sohail Akbar Khan(Punjab) Gallantry
11. Syed Mohsin Raza(Punjab) Gallantry
12.  Prof. Carlo Alberto Pinelli(Italy) Sports (Mountaineering)
13.  Mr. Mohamed Jamaludin,(Sri Lanka) Services to Pakistan
14.  Dr. Muhammad Zafarullah Khan(Punjab) Science (Electronics)
15.  Mr. Khalid Iqbal Chishtee(Punjab) Science (Nuclear Physics)
16. Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha(Punjab) Science (Veterinary)
17. Dr. Qamar Mehboob(Punjab) Engineering (Chemical)
18. Dr. Raja Ali Raza Anwer(Punjab) Engineering (Nuclear)


19.  Dr. Nasrullah Khan(Sindh) Engineering (Nuclear)
20.  Dr. Numan Iqbal(Punjab) Engineering (Technology)
21.  Air Cdre. (R) Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmad(Punjab) Engineering (Aerospace)
22.  Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Javed(Punjab) Engineering (Chemical)
23.  Prof. Dr. Masood Hameed Khan(Sindh) Health
24.  Dr. AbdulAziz Othman Altwaijri(Saudi Arabia) Services to Pakistan
25.  Mr. Ajmal Khan(KPK) Education
26.  Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi(Punjab) Education
27.  Dr. Arshad Ali(Punjab) Education
28. Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed(Punjab) Education
29.  Dr. Farhat Abbas(Sindh) Medicine
30. Dr. Faisal Saud Dar(Punjab) Health
31.  Mr. Sahar Ansari (Anwar Maqbool)(Sindh) Literature
32. Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Malik(Punjab) Literature
33. Prof. Dr. Attash Durrani(Punjab) Literature
34. Mr. Ijaz ul Hassan(Punjab) Literature
35. Mr. Masood Ashar(Punjab) Literature
36. Mrs. Ronak Lakhani Sports (Athletics)
37.  Mr. Soofian Zuberi,(USA) Services to Pakistan
38.  Mr. Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad(Balochistan) Public Service
39.  Mr. Jamil Ahmad(Punjab) Public Service
40.  Prof. Khalida Tareen(Punjab) Public Service
41.  Rana Ghulam Shabbir(Punjab) Public Service
42. Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema(Punjab) Public Service
43. Mr. Aziz Boolani(Sindh) Public Service
44. Mr. Abdul Jabbar Khan(Balochistan) Public Service
45. Mr. Shaharyar Sultan(Punjab) Public Service
46.  Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah(Punjab) Social Work
47.  Dr. Maqsood-ul-Hasan Nasim(Punjab) Science (Plasma Physics)
48. Mr. Mujeeb ur Rahman(Sindh) Science (Geology)
49. Dr. Mubarik Ahmed(Punjab) Science (Agriculture)
50. Dr. Nazir Ahmad(Punjab) Science (Agriculture)
51.  Dr. Alia Bano Munshi(Punjab) Science
52.  Brig. Syed Zulfiqar Ali(Punjab) Engineering (Communication Networking)
53.  Mr. Shahid Mehmood(Punjab) Engineering (Chemical)
54.  Mr. Muhammad Basheer(KPK) Engineering (Metallurgy)
55.  Mr. Abdul Rehman(Punjab) Engineering (Electronics)
56.  Mr. Aslam Umer(Sindh) Engineering (Mechanical)
57.  Mr. Tahir Ikram(Punjab) Engineering (Mechanical)
58.  Mr. Muhammad Imran Afzal(Punjab) Engineering (Mechanical)
59.  Dr. Shaheed Khan(Punjab) Engineering (Technology)
60.  Dr. Muhammad Rehan(Islamabad) Engineering (Mechanical)
61.  Dr. Iftikhar Haider Makhdoom(Punjab) Engineering
62.  Dr. Naeem Zafar(Punjab) Engineering
63.  Mr. Khawar Sultan(Punjab) Engineering (Chemical)
64.  Dr. Irfan Rafique(Punjab) Engineering (Electronics / Software)
65. Prof. Dr. Ehsan Akbar(Islamabad) Literature
66. Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Hussainabadi(Gilgit Baltistan) Literature (History)
67. Mr. Ikram Ullah Literature
68. Prof. Ahmed Saeed(Punjab) Literature
69. Mr. Agha Nasir(Balochistan) Literature (Poetry)
70. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakriya ZakirUniversity of the Punjab Lahore.(AJ&K) Education
71. Dr. Ayub Baluch(Balochistan) Literature (History)
72. Mr. Aamir Sohail Literature (Poetry)
73. Mr. Wajahat Masood(Punjab) Journalism
74. Mr. Wasif Nagi(Punjab) Journalism
75. Mr. Munir Ahmad Munir(Punjab) Journalism
76. Mr. Talat Hussain Journalism
77. Mr. Nisar Qadri(Punjab) Arts (Drama Acting)
78. Mr. Iftekhar Hussain(KPK) Arts (Drama Acting)
79.  Mr. Ghulam Mohammad aliasGulab Chandio(Sindh) Arts (Drama Acting)
80. Mr. Masood Akhtar Arts (Drama /Film Acting)
81. Mr. Khalid Butt Arts (Drama /Film Acting)
82. Mr. Waseem Abbas Arts (Drama /Film Acting)
83.  Mr. Sachu Khan(Balochistan) Arts (Folk Music)
84.  Mr. Sabz Ali(KPK) Music (Tabla Playing)
85. Ustad Nathoo Khan (late)(Sindh) Music (Sarangi Playing)
86. Mr. Ejaz Qaiser(Punjab) Music (Ghazal)
87. Mr. Mansoor Zaman(KPK) Sports (Squash)
88. Dr. Abdul Ghaffar(Punjab) Public Service
89.  Mr. Najam Ahmed Shah(Sindh) Public Service
90.  Capt. (R) Zahid Saeed(Punjab) Public Service
91.  Mr. Noorudin Bhamani(Sindh) Public Service
92. Mr. Umar Draz Khan(Punjab) Public Service
93.  Mr. Abbas Ali Shaheed(Kurram Agency) Gallantry
94.  Mr. Liaquat Ali Shaheed(Balochistan) Gallantry
95.  Ms. Iffat Faqir Mohammad Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
96.  Mr. Fazal Mahmood Zuberi Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
97. Mr. Tanvir Anwar Khan Shaheed(AJ&K) Gallantry
98.  Syed Muhammad Ilyas Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
99.  Mr. Fakhrul Hassan Leghari Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
100.  Sub Insp. Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
101. Asstt. Sub Insp. Asad Shah Nawaz Shaheed(Balochistan) Gallantry
102. Sub Insp. Tariq Masood Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
103.  Sub Insp. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Shaheed(KPK) Gallantry
104.  Sergeant Abdul Malik Shaheed(Sindh) Gallantry
105.  Corporal Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed(AJ&K) Gallantry
106. Corporal Muhammad Azam Hussain Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
107. Corporal Muhammad Hayyat Shaheed(Punjab) Gallantry
108. Sub Insp. Muhammad Jumman Abbasi Shaheed(Sindh) Gallantry
109. Sergeant Muntazir Shah Shaheed(KPK) Gallantry
110. Asstt. Sub Insp. Muhammad IqbalShaheed(Sindh) Gallantry
111.  Sergeant Naseer Ahmed(Punjab) Gallantry
112.  Corporal Ali Akbar(Sindh) Gallantry
113.  Sergeant Atta-ur-Rehman(KPK) Gallantry
114.  Corporal Abid Hussain(Punjab) Gallantry
115. Corporal Ghulam Mustafa Shah(AJ&K) Gallantry
116. Asstt. Sub Insp. Ahmed Jamal Khan(Sindh) Gallantry
117. Inspector Muhammad Pervez(Punjab) Gallantry
118. Asstt. Sub Insp. Faheem Mazhar(Punjab) Gallantry
119. Corporal Muhammad Afzal(Punjab) Gallantry
120. Sergeant Akhtar Hussain(Punjab) Gallantry
121. Mr. Ghulam Hussain(Sindh) Gallantry
122. Major (R) Attique Arshad(Punjab) Gallantry
123. Mr. Amir Mujahid Khan(Punjab) Gallantry
124. Raja Mustafa Ali(Sindh) Gallantry
125. Mr. Muhammad Ali(Sindh) Gallantry
126. Mr. Muhammad Shakeel(Sindh) Gallantry
127. Mr. Waqar Sultan(KPK) Gallantry
128. Mr. Muhammad Sajjad(Punjab) Gallantry
129. Mr. Sher Khan(Gilgit Baltistan) Gallantry
130. Mr. Ghulam Sarwar(Gilgit Baltistan) Gallantry
131. Mr. Aasam Mukhtar Chaudhry(Punjab) Gallantry
132. Rai Azhar Hussain(Islamabad) Gallantry
133.  Dato’ Haji Abdul Rafique bin Abdul Karim,(Malaysia) Services to Pakistan
134.  Mr. Gerard Chauvel,(France) Services to Pakistan
135.  Dr. Muhammad Sadiq(Punjab) Science
136.  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali(Punjab) Science
137.  Dr. Safia Ahmed(Islamabad) Science (Biology)
138. Dr. Riffat Naseem Malik(Punjab) Science
139.  Dr. Abdul Rehman Tariq(Punjab) Engineering
140.  Col. Dr. Salman Majeed(Punjab) Engineering
141.  Mr. Asim Shahzad(Islamabad) Engineering (Mechanical)
142.  Mr. Faizan ul Hassan Farooqi(Sindh) Engineering (Aerospace)
143.  Ms. Shahnaz Yasir(Punjab) Engineering (Electrical)
144.  Dr. Zafar Iqbal(KPK) Education
145.  Mr. Munir Ahmed Bhullar(Sindh) Education (Scout Training)
146.  Prof. Dr. Saeeda Asadullah Khan(Sindh) Education
147.  Prof. Dr. Atiya Syed(Punjab) Literature
148. Syed Naveed Haider Hashmi(Balochistan) Literature
149. Mr. Najib Jamal Literature
150. Mr. Javed Ahmed Soomro(Sindh) Journalism
151. Mr. Jamil Ather Qazi(Punjab) Journalism
152. Dr. Hk. Zahid Ashraf(Punjab) Medicine (Tibb-e-Unani)
153. Syed Moazzam Ali(Sindh) Arts (Painting)
154. Mr. Mumtaz Ali Lashari(Sindh) Music (Semi Classical Singing)
155. Mr. Qurban Ali Niazi(Islamabad) Music (Folk Singing)
156.  Haji Daraz Khan,(KPK) Public Service
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