Pakistan, Belarus reaffirm commitment to further developing friendly ties

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan and Belarus on Wednesday reaffirmed their mutual commitment to further developing and deepening of the friendly relations between them in political, trade, economic, social, humanitarian and other areas.

In a joint statement by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko issued after the two sides comprehensively reviewed the whole range of bilateral relations as well as issues of mutual interest on the international agenda, the two leaders noted the constant adherence of both countries to the aims of the United Nations Charter and generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

The two sides noted the constructive development of bilateral relations and confirmed the necessity of their intensification which corresponds to the interests of Belarus and Pakistan. They said that both Pakistan and Belarus attach great importance to further development of the political dialogue between them, strengthening of inter-parliamentary relations, trade and economic relations, as well as the expansion of the legal framework for bilateral cooperation.

The two sides state the importance of signing a number of documents related to the expansion of areas of cooperation in the field of agriculture, industrial cooperation, crime counteraction, education, postal, customs and banking collaboration.

While assessing inter-parliamentary ties as an important component of bilateral cooperation, the two sides welcomed the establishment of their respective parliamentary friendship groups.

Noting the similarity of approaches to key international and regional issues, they reaffirmed their commitment to the universally recognized norms of international law, the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, strengthening of the role of the UN in addressing the complex issues, maintaining international peace and security, modern challenges and threats, such as international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, illegal production and sale of drugs, refugees, human trafficking and natural and technological disasters.

Recognizing its fundamental role in the maintenance of international peace and security, the two sides called for a comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council that corresponds to the interests of all Member States and garners the widest possible political acceptance of member states.

While appreciating Pakistan’s information about its adherence to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Guidelines and Control Lists, commitment to non-proliferation, nuclear safety and security as well as about the ability to supply items on the NSG Control Lists, Belarus emphasized the importance of a non-discriminatory approach to the issue of non-NPT states membership in the NSG that should lead to its settlement by consensus.

The two sides exchanged views on the current state of relations between Pakistan and India as well as the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. They underlined the need for resolution of all outstanding issues between Pakistan and India including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute through peaceful means and in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.

Moreover, the two sides reaffirmed their support for an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. Belarus underscored the important role of Pakistan including through the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) to promote peace and development in Afghanistan as well as in the wider region.

The two leaders decided upon continuing the practice of mutual support of initiatives and candidatures from both countries within international organizations. They noted the active work of the government of the Republic of Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the development of international cooperation in key areas of economy.

They positively assess the activities of the Joint Belarusian and Pakistani Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation as the coordinating body in developing bilateral trade and economic relations and support the activities of the Belarusian and Pakistani Trade Committee.

The two sides stipulated the importance and necessity of providing possible assistance in expansion of contacts in business, scientific, cultural, educational and other circles of both countries.

In addition, they express interest in the development of mutually beneficial relations between the sectoral Ministries, activation of direct contacts at the small and medium business levels, implementation of joint ventures in vegetable products, light industry, pharmacy, forestry on the territories of the Republic of Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The two sides support development of interregional relations as an important component of bilateral relations, note the necessity of activation of mutual visits of delegations, implementation of joint programs of cooperation at the regional level, participation in regional fairs, exhibitions and cultural events.

The Belarusian side expressed gratitude to the Pakistanis Side for allocation of the land plot for construction of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Pakistani side thanked the Belarusian Side for its offer of land for Pakistan Embassy in Minsk.

Both the leaders expressed confidence in the further development of the bilateral dialogue on the basis of equal and mutually beneficial partnership due to implementation of the reached agreements and the documents signed during the visit.

Satisfied by the negotiations held in a friendly atmosphere, the two sides noted that the summit meeting made a significant contribution and opened new prospects in the further development of friendly relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Belarusian president thanked the prime minister of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan for a warm welcome and invited Nawaz Sharif to visit the Republic of Belarus at a convenient time. The invitation was gratefully accepted. Details of the visit will be coordinated through diplomatic channels.

President Alexander Lukashenko paid an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan at the invitation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on October 4-6, 2016.