Pakistan Automotive Industry On Its Way To Modernization

Pakistan automotive industry is on its way to b fully modernized. The government in these regards is doing its best to robust the obsolete vehicle structure in Pakistan. Another important step in this regard is the online verification of vehicles in the country to shift the structure online. Now you can easily your vehicle with MTMIS Punjab or other online verifications system of other provinces.


These steps have proven to be helpful in curbing the theft and smuggling activities in the country. It is also increasing the sales activity in the country as buyers can now verify the vehicle online before buying it and therefore lesser fraudulent activities in the country. All you need to do is put the particulars of your vehicle in the app and you will be shown the vehicle`s ownership history along with other details. We wish these ventures to be successful as they are the key to our robust Pakistan automotive industry.

Dawood Hassan
Dawood Hassan
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