Pakistan and Ukraine share commonalities, believes Ambassador of Pakistan in Ukraine Zahid Mubashir Sheikh

By Agha Iqrar Haroon

Kyiv, Ukraine: “Pakistan and Ukraine share several commonalities and are linked with each other with a thread of mutual trust and respect”.

This was said by newly appointed Ambassador of Pakistan in Ukraine Maj Gen ® Zahid Mubashir Sheikh while giving interview to Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency here on Tuesday. This was his first interview to any media organization after assuming his charge as Ambassador of Pakistan in Ukraine.


When asked what are main areas where he wishes to work immediately new as Ambassador of Pakistan in Kyiv, Ukraine, he said that mutual relationship between Ukraine and Pakistan would further be consolidated by enhancing trade between Kiev and Islamabad.

Ambassador of Pakistan in Ukraine Maj Gen ® Zahid Mubashir Sheikh
Ambassador of Pakistan in Ukraine Maj Gen ® Zahid Mubashir Sheikh is giving interview to Chief Editor of Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency at Pakistan Embassy in Kiev

He added that Ukraine has plenty of opportunities to export several items it produces while Pakistani businessmen can explore more openings in Ukrainian markets.

He indicated that he believes (believed) that business and trade are (were) the most important components for lasting and stronger relations among partners.

Responding to a question regarding people to people contact between Ukraine and Pakistan, he stated that border control points of both the countries (Immigration control points of airports) are points where friendly behavior and smiling faces can encourage people of the both countries to visit again.

He stated that he would provide maximum support to Ukrainian citizens for visiting Pakistan and he would personally ensure welcoming arrival of Ukrainian citizens at Pakistani airports and he expects same support from partner country (Ukraine) to Pakistanis visiting Ukraine.

He informed DND News Agency that Ambassador Office (his office) is directly receiving telephone calls from Pakistanis living in Ukraine and anybody can (could) call directly to Ambassador through official numbers of Ambassador Officer posted on official website of the Embassy of Pakistan in Ukraine.

He stated the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan believes (believed) that Ambassador should be a father-like figure for Pakistani living in respective country and embassies must serve Pakistanis abroad while forgetting bureaucratic process.

He stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qurashi have directed all Pakistani ambassadors serving aboard to be available to Pakistani community around the clock if there is any emergency faced by any Pakistani.

“Prime Minister and Foreign Minister believe that Pakistani embassies should be like second home to people who are working far away from their homes to serve their families and the country”, maintained Ambassador Zahid Mubashir Sheikh.

When asked to give any advice to people who wish (wished) to visit Ukraine, Ambassador Zahid Mubashir Sheikh stated that every Pakistani who is travelling aboard should consider him/her as representative of country therefore he/she must live with honorable manner to enhance the respect of Pakistan among the people of host country.

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