Pakistan acted as Responsible State to deal with Coronavirus


By Shahid Nadeem

Shahid Nadeem is associated with Al Jazeera Islamabad Pakistan

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, Pakistan has acted as a highly responsible State tackling the issue it faced being immediate neighbor and trade partner of China.

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) representative said that Pakistan had come up with the one of world’s best “national response programmes’ against COVID-19 pandemic.

Pakistani and Chinese governments are working closely to manage the situation since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan and China did not leave Pakistan alone in the situation and is constantly providing all-out support in the form of expertise and financially also.

The decision of Government of Pakistan of keeping its 800 students in Wuhan has now proved to be a wise decision as all are in better condition and this decision also indicated extraordinary trust Pakistan as nation had over Chinese government.

Government of Pakistan since inception of pandemic conceived a coordination and well thought-out plan to fight against the medical emergency.

The recent surge in the virus affected numbers is attributed to the pilgrims who returned from Iran in February. However, facts speak otherwise and it is said by effected persons that they were literally pushed into Pakistan by Iranian authorities through Taftan Border. The Iranian government and the Zaireen acted in a highly irresponsible way knowing fully that many of them are suffering from the disease. However, Ill-informed journalists blamed the negligence on part of Army and FC without comprehending the ground realities and situation.

The visit of President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi’s recent visit to China clearly indicates that things are under control in China, His gesture of shaking hands with counterpart conveyed the message the whole world.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on March 17 took the nation in confidence as he once again reiterated that he is personally supervising the campaign against Coronavirus. He also stressed upon rejecting the negative propaganda against the government and stated that Pakistan would fight the pandemic.

The role of Pakistan Army is commendable in supporting provincials as well as federal government. Pakistan Army has voluntarily opened its medical facilities to people of the country, the civil administration has also requested to take over certain medical facilities to forge a joint effort path to fight against the menace. This clearly indicates the level of confidence Pakistan Army enjoys amongst government machinery and general public.

Considering the above facts, there is no doubt left in the efforts of government and its administrative machinery.

Unfortunately, the negative elements of society are active to lower the morale of nation by spreading false news and panic in the masses. The nation must be made to realize that this is the time to remain united and show courage and resilience for which Pakistanis are known the world over.

Predominantly, media by and large has played positive role in developing in national consensus and disseminating important information. However, it is also recommended that strict actions be taken against all the culprits who are involved in initiating panic in the society.

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