Human Rights Watch (HRW) recent report is an attempt to malign Pakistan, says Pak Army

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Army through a spokesperson of Inter-services Public Relations (ISPR) has rejected Human Rights Watch (HRW) recent report.

In a statement issued by  ISPR on Saturday, the spokesperson called HRW report an other attempt to malign Pakistan and its institutions through fabricated and unverified reports.
“The HRW has based its opinion on imprecise facts and biased views.
“The HRW report seems to be a clear attempt to further fuel already ongoing scectarian violence and to create chaos and disorder in Pakistan. HRW has no credibility and has been criticised world wide for raising controversies through its biased reports and funding from certain quarters and its reports have been rejected by many countries of the world.”
The 635-page HRW World Report 2013 launched in late January, had alleged that the Pakistani government had failed to act against abuses by security and intelligence agencies and allowed extremist groups to attack religious minorities.

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