Over one million Afghan refugees working in Pakistan illegally

Over one million Afghan refugees working in Pakistan illegally

Islamabad, Pakistan: Over one million Afghan refugees are working in Pakistan illegally as they are registered as refugees but not living in refugees camps.

According to sources, law enforcing agencies are collecting data of Afghan refugees who are not living in refugee camps/villages have been spread all over Pakistan living no trace of their identities.

“It is still difficult to find who Afghan refugee is and who real Pakistani is because their language, living style and cultural norms are similar to Pakistani Pushtuns and majority of Afghans are married to locals.

Meanwhile another report suggest that Pakistan is providing healthcare to 1.6 million Afghan refugees living in different parts of the country.

According to data available to health organisations, around 5.7 million Afghans refugees have returned to back to Afghanistan since 2002 but there are still 1.6 million registered Afghans in Pakistan who are receiving healthcare from federal government kitty.

Data also indicates that only 40% refugees live in refugee camps/villages while 60% live in urban areas and work in Pakistan workforce market.


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