Outkitel K4000 smartphone Screen is Hammer-Proof

Recently we have seen many Chinese electronics manufacturers gain more reputation due to their ability to produce innovative new smartphones without a ridiculous price tag. Outkitel is a prime example of such brands as their phone U6 certainly managed to catch the attention of many of us with its ability to run for 120 hours thanks to a secondary E-Ink screen.

Outkitel is back in the spotlight again, this time around with their revolutionary mid-range smartphone K4000 phone. The device itself is nothing too fancy to look at and nothing really pops out in terms of performance but that all changes when you look at the device’s battery. The K4000 has a 4000mAh battery! The company claims that the phone can work for a whooping 7 days on a single charge, provided the device is used normally. Excessive usage can drop that number down to 3 days, which still is quite impressive, considering we have to charge our phones at least once a day.

The device also features Corning’s Guerilla Glass, whose durability can be seen by the company’s 1 minute tutorial video in which the K4000 is placed on its boxed and struck multiple times with a hammer. Unlike all those videos you may have previously seen, the phone survives without getting a single scratch.

The only way this can get any better is if Outkitel releases a flagship device with all these capabilities but till then the K4000 isn’t too shabby of a deal.

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