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The brand “Outfitters” has become a true game-changer in a world where consumers desire both style and usefulness and where fashion is changing quickly. Outfitters has gained widespread recognition for providing a distinctive fusion of style and functionality, winning over people’s hearts and closets all around the world. This article explores the fascinating history, guiding principles, range of products, and reasons behind Outfitters brand success in making a name for itself in the fashion market for being one of the best Western clothing brands in Pakistan.



Outfitters was established in 2003 with the specific goal of offering young people fashionable, reasonably priced clothing that is of the highest calibre. The business began with a single store in Lahore, Pakistan, and became well-known very fast because of its stylish, contemporary designs and reasonably priced products.


The basic philosophy of outfitters is the combination of elegance and practicality. They are aware that today’s client wants comfort and versatility in addition to stylish clothing. Outfitters recognizes this need and creates apparel that fits young people’s energetic, on-the-go lifestyle while also looking nice. Their attire reflects both urban culture and current trends.

Product Offerings

Outfitters brand

Outfitters has a large selection of apparel, accessories, and shoes for both genders. The company offers a wide range of collections that address various aspects of an individual’s life:

Urban Streetwear

Outfitters is well-known for its rough streetwear collections. Their urban-inspired designs are popular with young adults who want to make a statement with their fashion, and they frequently feature graphic tees, jeans, and fashionable jackets.

Casual Wear

The casual wear line from Outfitters includes trendy and cosy items that are appropriate for daily use. Their selection of casual apparel, which includes well-fitting jeans and comfortable T-shirts, is the go-to option for anyone looking for a carefree yet stylish appearance.


Outfitters have entered the athletic market, catering to individuals who like to maintain their style while working out or participating in physical activities, recognizing the increasing need for athleisure.


Outfitters offers a wide selection of comfortable and stylish shoes, ranging from sandals to sneakers. These sneakers go perfectly with their wardrobe selections.


Outfitters’ accessories, which range from hats to purses, provide each ensemble the last touch and let clients build a whole look.

Why Outfitters Stands Out

Outfitters stand out itself in the overcrowded fashion industry for several reasons:


This is one of the brand’s best attributes. Outfitters provide stylish, well-made apparel in an affordable price range.

Adorable Appeal

Outfitters recognizes its target market and appeals to their preferences. Their collections are contemporary, youthful, and ever-evolving to stay on top of emerging trends.


The brand is very conscious of the calibre of its goods. They make sure that their apparel is long-lasting by using high-quality fabrics and production techniques.

Global Presence

Outfitters’ products are now available to a broader audience thanks to its growth in international markets and expansion outside of Pakistan.


Outfitters have made efforts to make its operations more environmentally friendly in response to growing environmental concerns. They have expanded their product line to include eco-friendly items and sustainable practices.

Outfitters Store Locations

Outfitters brand has its presence in the following cities:

  1. Mardan
  2. Gujrat
  3. Bahawalpur
  4. Gujranwala
  5. Taxila
  6. Quetta
  7. Sialkot
  8. Abbottabad
  9. Sargodha
  10. Sahiwal
  11. Lahore
  12. Peshawar
  13. Karachi
  14. Jhelum
  15. Islamabad
  16. Raheem Yar Khan
  17. Faisalabad
  18. Multan
  19. Rawalpindi
  20. Hyderabad

Contact Information

  • Phone # 042-35320572-73
  • E-mail: contactus@outfitters.com


Is Ethnic owned by Outfitters?

Yes, Ethnic is owned by Outfitters.

Who is the owner of Outfitters?

Kamran Khurshid is the owner of Outfitters.

Which country brand is Outfitters?

Outfitters is a Pakistani brand established in 2003, inspired by the fashion trends of Pakistani youth.

What does Outfitters do?

Outfitters is a clothing brand in Pakistan which offers Western casual and formal clothing for men, women, and kids. It also offers accessories and shoes.

How many outlets does Outfitters brand have in Pakistan?

Outfitters has more than 120 outlets scattered all around the country.

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