Our Top Favorite Pictures From Alizeh Shah Instagram Account

EntertainmentOur Top Favorite Pictures From Alizeh Shah Instagram Account

Alizeh Shah is a young Pakistani actress who has proved her mettle within no time. From bagging big projects one after another including ISPR’s official TV production, Ehd-e-Wafa, she has done it all. Her story has been the same as the phrase she came, and she conquered. This young girl has managed to create a fan following spanning millions.

Even with all the fame, her Instagram persona is still cute and childish. Her pictures are the representation of what her life must be like. Hence, I have chosen the top 10 favorite pictures from her Instagram account for you all today.

Here you go:

Alizeh Shah In White

Our Top Favorite Pictures From Alizeh Shah’s Instagram Account

These pictures are the perfect representation of Alizeh’s grace. She looks beautiful, ethereal, and absolutely jaw-dropping in this eastern look. One of our ultimate favorites.

Vacay Mode On!

Our Top Favorite Pictures From Alizeh Shah’s Instagram Account

I don’t know what’s better here – Alizeh’s look or the futuristic background. In any case, I totally love the way she has dressed here and how it pairs with the gorgeous real-life backdrop for the picture.

Pretty In Pink

Our Top Favorite Pictures From Alizeh Shah’s Instagram Account

I believe Alizeh pulls up eastern looks like no other. Though she is young and has childish charm, the grace with which she carries the traditional clothing cannot be compared. This pretty picture in pink is a testament to that.

Alizeh Shah – The Best New Sensation

Our Top Favorite Pictures From Alizeh Shah’s Instagram Account

This might be the most unglamorous picture on the list, but it speaks volumes as to the heights she has achieved. Bagging the new sensation award at the start of her career is something obviously special for her and definitely well-deserved.

Hello, Freckles!

Our Top Favorite Pictures From Alizeh Shah’s Instagram Account

Alizeh did hop onto the trend as well and went with the light makeup and freckles on top of that. Definitely love this cutesy look she has given herself here. This picture had to make it to this list because of that.

Don’t Take My Chocolate

Rightly captioned, there is a no we in chocolate and this picture and Shah’s expressions are self-explanatory in this case.

The Minnie Shah

The stylish Minnie headband goes with the look and with her cutesy face as well. Love how the entire look has been planned to make sure it doesn’t look so childish either.

Black & Backdrop

This picture taken against the Khanpur dam backdrop is just wow. The jury is still out on whether Alizeh looks better or the majestic nature behind her.


Sunkissed and follower in the hair with warmth radiating everywhere doesn’t it describe a perfect winter afternoon we all need. If there was a real-life description, this picture would have been that.

Alizeh Shah As Typical Indian Bahu!

Favorite pictures from Alizeh's account

Doesn’t she look like a typical Indian bahu here? I bet she does. However, she has all pulled off this Madhuri kind of desi bahu look really well.

Well, these were the top 10 pictures I felt were Alizeh Shah’s best on her Instagram account. Do let me know which one is your favorite in the comments section.

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