Our Favorite Top Retail Fashion Brands In Pakistan

If there is one industry Pakistan has improved in that is definitely fashion. The retail brands that have popped up over the years have not only given Pakistanis residing in the country a run for their money but have gone global as well. Needless to say, these retail brands have played a major part in the economy of the country and flourishing it on the fashion landscape around the world.

Top Pakistani Fashion Brands

Our Favorite Top Retail Fashion Brands In Pakistan


This is why I have gathered a list of some of the top retail fashion brands that are not only the country’s favorite but have a prestigious spot in the fashion scene outside of Pakistan as well. Let’s find out which ones made it to the list:


Top Pakistani retail fashion brands

Know this one already? The high street fashion brand has been the one that has door-breaking sales. It has somewhat become a fashion symbol among Pakistani women. Sapphire is known for its aesthetic, quality, and prestige all within the right budget.


From silk tunics to scarves, formal to pret wear, party wear to daily wear, jewelry to shoes and perfumes, Sapphire covers everything for everyone. It has outlets in all the major areas and malls in the main cities of Pakistan so no one will ever be left disappointed if they wish to buy.


Khaadi is the pioneering brand of the country. There is no doubt in that. The traditional cloth weaving it started 21 years back has now turned it into the leading fashion retailer in the country. Not just in Pakistan, but it is widely available in the UK, Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain among others.

Khaadi has everything for everyone. You can shop unstitched clothes, stitched dresses, pret wear, normal wear, party wear, home accessories, shoes, personal accessories, skin and hair care, and fragrances among others for men, women, and kids.

Gul Ahmed

top retail fashion brands in Pakistan

Gul Ahmed can be considered as the oldest yet one of the most popular brands in retail fashion. What started in the 1900s has only evolved over time. The iconic textile giant has now converted into a complete fashion and home accessories brand for everyone.

With stores spread all across the country, Gul Ahmed caters to everyone with stitched and unstitched dresses, eastern and western collections, shoes and bags, and accessories & complete home accessories among others.

J. by Junaid Jamshed

A new brand compared to the other three mentioned in the list, J. has taken the name from the legendary late Junaid Jamshed who set the foundations for it back in 2002. It started with menswear only, but seeing the popularity and fame converted into a female and kidswear brand as well.

J. prides itself in promoting modest wear and has an excellent fabric quality. It is also the first fashion brand in the country to launch its cosmetics that are on par with the international names. It is undoubtedly one of the high-end and premium brands of the country.

Sana Safinaz

Top retail brand in fashion category

Sana Safinaz started three decades ago, and they have brought the idea of textile mixed with couture and pret in Pakistan. They are undoubtedly the sole pioneers of this concept. It started as a niche brand and still is when it comes to couture, but the dynamic duo branched out to create affordable fashion for everyone and has been doing the same for years.

Sana Safinaz is known for its unique design, second to no one. It is one of the very few brands that never repeats even their designs and are always the first ones to bring luxury and premium clothing items among the other names mentioned in the list.


If you have a young son or daughter at home or you are young yourself, Outfitters must be your go-to brand. I can bet on that. I have never met someone who said that they didn’t like Outfitters. It started in 2003, as a western wear brand aiming to bridge the urban apparel gap in Pakistan. Since then, it has stayed at the top because it has become youth’s first western wear choice.

Outfitters is a trendy and smart streetwear fashion for men and women alike. They also have Outfitters Junior, so the young ones can slay in style as well. The brand later started Ethnic line, first for women and then for women, which is a fusion eastern clothing line. Outfitters has over 100 stores across Pakistan, which proves that it indeed is popular among men and women!


Limelight is a new name among the others in this list, as it started in 2010, but it is my personal favorite. I find it the most affordable on the list as well without compromising on the quality. You get the same fabric quality and design level but on a much cheaper budget. It started with womenswear but now offers men’s and kidswear as well. It includes eastern unstitched and stitched dresses, accessories, and bags, etc.

Limelight has recently started its western collection for women as well. Again, it is modern, trendy, good quality, and affordable as well.

Bonanza – Satrangi

Bonanza is also one of those brands that started as a textile industry but later delved into western wear for men, women, and children as well. It is also among the first ones to launch their line of fragrances each better than the other one.

With textile wear to winter wear, fragrances to now cosmetics, Bonanza Satrangi has outlets spread all across the country and is one of the most widely shopped brands known in Pakistan.


Al-Karam isn’t a brand locally known but popular throughout the world as well. From fashion fabrics both unstitched and stitched to apparel for women, men, and kids, Al-Karam is a veteran in the field of fashion for both men and women.

Al Karam studio can be found in various cities spread across Pakistan including Swat, Mardan, Sargodha, Mirpur, Bahawalpur, and Narowal among others. It is also present in Dubai.

Nishat Linen

Fashion brands Pakistani retail

Nishat started in Pakistan in 1951, which speaks a lot about its stature in the country and how it has pivoted and grown over the years. It provides high-quality fabric at an affordable price for all its customers across Pakistan. It also has a range of home accessories as well.

Right now, Nishat offers men, kids, and womenswear. It offers home textiles and has an accessories line in collaboration with Swarovski as well. With outlets spread across Pakistan, Nishat Linen is also available in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Abu Dhabi.


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