Our Favorite On-screen Couples From Pakistani Dramas 2020

No matter which kind of the year 2020 was, one thing is clear. It was one of the biggest years for the Pakistani drama industry. The dramas we got this year were huge in number and some were great in stories as well. But, the best part about this year was that we got to see some uncanny couples on-screen and some new pairs that we hadn’t previously thought were coming together. In short, some of my favorite on-screen couples from Pakistani dramas 2020 were made this year.

Favorite Couples From Pakistani Dramas 2020

This is why, I have brought together a list of some of my favorite pairs on television from Pakistani dramas 2020 that have our hearts moving 2021, and beyond. Can’t wait to see them together in some more projects. So, let’s start:

Sarah Khan & Usman Mukhtar

Our Favorite On-screen Couples From Pakistani Dramas 2020

Sarah Khan as Miral while Usman Mukhtar as Dr. Haris was a topic of discussion for so many reasons when the drama hit our TV screens. But, their on-screen chemistry, cheesy scenes, and the way they looked together topped the list. They paired together for the first time, but it is safe to say they looked adorable together.

While this was the first drama for them, the way they paired felt like a natural bonding. Hence, I would like to see them together in some more projects because they make an award-worthy couple.

Ramsha Khan & Wahaj Ali

Favorite couple from Pakistani dramas this year

Ramsha Khan and Wahaj Ali in Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat is that one couple you hate and love at the same time. What makes them more charming in how the love-hate relationship they have in the drama is portrayed via their actions when they are together. Even though the drama unfolds, and we have yet to see what happens next, but these two are what most of the people are rooting for the most.

Ramsha and Wahaj make a really cute couple, and I think they should star in another comic or funny, light-hearted project so we can get the best of this pair.

Sohai Ali Abro & Farhan Saeed

Another couple that we witness on our screens for the first time, Sohai Ali Abro and Farhan Saeed make a mean pair in Prem Gali. The ups and downs of how they like each other as neighbors and as the drama progresses, the way they complement each other is only growing further.

Sohai has been a stranger to screen the past year and Farhan also picks selected projects. So, seeing them two together after being away from the drama was definitely a treat.

Sana Javed & Bilal Abbas

Though Dunk has been anything but controversial, one thing it promises the most is that this couple is going to be another hit in the industry. Sana Javed and Bilal Abbas have a very natural flow when it comes to their screen time. They not only look cute together but with their stellar acting, they both take equal screen space without overshadowing one another.

Those who are loving the couple still have a lot more time to see them together, as Dunk has only started and there is more of them coming in the months to come.

Urwa Hocane & Imran Ashraf

Our Favorite On-screen Couples From Pakistani Dramas 2020

Two completely different personalities, two completely different roles, and yet they take up screen time without it feeling like that. Urwa Hocane as Guddi has already been everyone’s favorite, but this couple is the new IT in the drama industry. What’s so likable about these two together is that their characters are different from each other, and it is almost heart-warming to see how their contradicting personalities match.

After this drama, I think I would like to see more of Urwa and Imran’s projects since they both are picky with what they do and are amazing at that. It is a treat to see them on-screen.

These were some on-screen couples from Pakistani dramas 2020 that we loved and would like to see more of. Do let me know in the comment section if you have more names to add to the list.

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