Organizers of Independence Day parade New York explain situation about Atif Aslam songs

Monitoring Desk: Earlier this month, rumors were spread that Atif Aslam sang Indian songs on Pakistan Independence Parade which was held in New York City.  The news was first broadcasted by ARY News Channel and people had been accusing him for being disloyal to his country. He later tweeted about the incident which proved that those rumors were fake.


Secretary of Pakistan independence parade, Munir Lodhi, while talking to private news channel, said that nobody boycotted from the concert and people were actually enjoying. While Atif Aslam sang Indian songs on public demand.

He added that management is considering to take legal actions against the ARY news for spreading fake news about the incident.

It may be mentioned that the news channel also said that Atif Aslam refused to hold Pakistani flag. Thus, people started trolling him all over the social media by calling him a shame for the country.

Interestingly, Pakistan Embassy in United States is keeping quite over this incident and no formal statement and version has released from embassy which could help readers to know what actually happened that day.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistanis living in New York hold Independence Day Parade every year to celebrate Independence Day of Pakistan and all arrangements are done and financed by Pakistani community living in New York.

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