Opposition leaders’ endeavor to take refuge in democracy’s garb is extremely shameful: Murad Saeed

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed has censured opposition, saying that few corrupt elements are striving hard to escape accountability and trying to mislead public.

Taking a jibe at Sharif clan, Murad Saeed said that when the “Thugs of Jati Umra” were held accountable, they chanted the mantra of “sanctity of vote”.

“They have nothing to justify their amassed wealth,” the minister said.

Murad Saeed lamented the opposition leaders, saying that taking refuge in the garb of democracy to safeguard ill-gotten wealth is extremely shameful, condemnable and a slap on the face of democracy itself.

Commenting on Bilawal Zardari’s appearance before accountability court today (Wednesday), Murad Saeed said that the Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was exclusively summoned to appear for his alleged involvement in corruption and not in any political case as falsely claimed by his party.

Commenting on today’s episode, he said that how the criminals involved in corruption would be allowed to appear before the court of law accompanied by gangs of hooligans.

Terming PPP workers’ intrusion of NAB office, a vile attempt to pressurize and effect ongoing accountability, Murad Saeed said that these theatrics will come to naught and every corrupt will be made to return the looted wealth of this Country.

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