Opinions: What Students of Quaid-i-Azam University think of Pak-India ties?

By Matthias Samuel

Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad

The bilateral Pakistan-India ties have never been cordial since partition; rather, these have been marked by hostility particularly on Kashmir and water issues. In over seven decades of their history, the two arch-rivals have fought four full-fledged wars and skirmishes on the border never went extinct.

The unresolved dispute of Jammu and Kashmir have again brought both the nuclear-armed Countries at the threshold of a war, putting billions of lives in danger, after India’s move to abrogate Kashmir’s autonomous status on August 5, 2019.

However as per beliefs, the people of Pakistan and India in general have never been proponents of war. In fact, they have always stressed upon to resolve their bilateral issues amicably through dialogue.

Recently we went to the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) in Islamabad, one of Highest Ranked Public Universities in Pakistan, to seek opinions of its students on what do they think of India?

Following are viewpoints of some of QAU students on India and Pakistan’s relationship with it;

Muhammad Fahad

“Pakistan and India despite having a major advantage of sharing boundries which could benefit the bilateral trade massively. But due to disputed territory of Kashmir and other bilateral aggressions Pakistan is unable to reach one of the world’s largest consumers market. Pakistani authorities need to stop making people like Hafiz Saeed as heroes and should actually pave ways towards peace. The point I would like to raise here is why is it that we celebrate Free Khalistan slogans more than Free Kashmir? Are we becoming spectators of endless war? Will that be fair? Will are future be safe?”

Saqib Imran Abbasi

War is not a solution to any problem. Pakistan should focus on its economic development rather than concentrating on Kashmir at this point. India has a strong influence on the world because of its trade relations with other countries, and Pakistan will find it difficult to resolve the Kashmir issue if it doesn’t work on its economy.”

Adil Riaz Gondal

“As the historical lines put both Pakistan and India together, I found us alike. Extremist’s elements on both sides of the borders have always manipulated the public opinions. It is the need of the hour that we must shift our priorities towards economic war fronts as we had already sacrificed alot in the military race. Bilateral trades and Exchange education programs can de-escalate the tensions.”

Shoaib Amber Chandio

“Neither India nor Pakistan can afford a nuclear war and not to mention the fact that table talks have not convinced both sides on any solution. It should be clear that no change of border will ever happen and both states will keep their share of Kashmir either forever or never (in case of war). Pakistani and Indian nations must consider Kashmiris as human instead of Muslims, Ladakh or Buddhist to understand them if they have time to care about them.”

Sara Nadeem

“India for me now i feel Indian media is too much stupid you can even think. Still in India you can get Vote by bashing Pakistan but in Pakistan this is not an issue. India did blunder in Kashmir and killed hundred & thousands of innocent Kashmiris & world is silent because India is a huge market for all due to its population power. Indian trying to present themselves to be more moderate in the world but if things are about Pakistan they are harsher & their minds closed.”

Infal Asmat Ghuman

“Belonging to same roots and somewhat same culture despite the difference of religion, both Pakis and Indians have lived together for centuries as one nation. They understand each other’s psych and can contribute to each other’s development. Authorities and masses need to consider that war and aggression is not the solution, the future of 1 and half billion is at stake. Better diplomatic relations should be established to ensure bilateral trade and development. Whereas the Kashmir deserves a right to decide its own fate.”

Note: The further identity of the above named students have been withheld as per their requests.