Donald Trump: Will the Emperor be reincarnated?

OpinionDonald Trump: Will the Emperor be reincarnated?
Basit Raza Abbasi is a retired PAF Officer with a keen eye on geopolitical and strategic developments. He is a senior analyst for TV programs on international relations and current affairs. His deep understanding of regional developments especially political changes and international realignments.

By Basit Raza

Donald Trump’s rise to US Presidency was almost meteoric: out of blues he emerged as a candidate. Initially, no one took him seriously, but soon he upended all prophecies of political pundits by out-maneuvering all his seeded rivals on the GOP platform, and ultimately wrested the Presidency from the Democrats with his bold and uncanny, rather boisterous and ludicrous assertions and promises. These were then considered mere political gimmicky— false promises, to be conveniently forgotten after winning.

But lo and behold!!! He not only stood by his words but started implementing them with a missionary zeal, from day 1 of his Presidency. He ridiculed journalists, taunted his rivals, threw international treaties out, walked out of pacts and alliances, all with a nasty grin and an air of superiority.

There was hue and cry inside and outside America, the world was aghast. Erstwhile allies were scampering for cover from incessant Trump tirades. Even his hand-picked cabinet colleagues and bureaucrats were not spared and given marching orders at the slightest hint of falling out of steps.

His novel idea of splashing his domestic and foreign policy matters on Twitter caught his friends and foes with surprise. Each morning world held its breath, not knowing what the next diktat of the emperor would be. He wasn’t from the military, but was well versed in the art of war and used the important war principle, surprise, to perfection. An avid golfer, he played golf at the most treacherous courses of the political landscape, without any handicap, scoring birdies and eagles and even holes in one.

His blatant disregard to Covid-19 was more bizarre than his previous actions: walking out of JCPOA, Paris Protocol and WHO, withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, Obamacare, Supreme Court justice’s appointment at fag end of a presidency, moving US Embassy to Jerusalem and unleashing the US might and largess to cobble friendship treaties between Israel and Arab Muslim countries. Killing Gen Qasim Sulaimani, presidential pardons to criminals, convicts, crooks, and kins…… the list is unending.

Surprisingly, more than the world, the GOP seemed to be in a stupor. Even the saner voices there were so benumbed by Trump’s onslaught that not a dissent in the Republican camp was heard against these Machiavellian machinations. So much so, that when he lost his bid for second term all ends up to Joe Biden, nobody in GOP rose to congratulate Joe Biden the President-elect. Like disciplined foot soldiers, they waited for the orders from the commander in chief.

But all that changed yesterday. Finally, the Republican Senators followed their conscience and their House colleagues to trump the Trump veto to pass the $740 billion Defence Spending Bill into law. Those who live by the sword, perish by the sword. For four years, with his gay cavalier attitude, Trump had trumped all calls for deference to democracy and decency, humanity and humility, pacts and protocols, knowledge and wisdom, norms and customs, and rights and obligations. He created a storm of white supremacy and enjoyed surfing its waves with a venomous smile. With these tactics he almost succeeded in winning the Second Term, but for the silent section of ordinary Americans who finally voiced themselves through mail-in voting. Even in this defeat, he claimed the trust of more Americans than any other past president of the United States of America.

So finally it is curtains for this maverick President, though he has still not conceded defeat. And he will not. As long as his loyal stock of far-right supremacists is at his beck and call. Like a sphinx, he would rise from the ashes of his first presidency after 4 years, to claim what he and his supporters believe, his legitimate seat. They say it will be a different world post-pandemic Covid. Shorn of presidential immunity, Trump will face serious legal challenges on past offenses. Will the Emperor be reincarnated?

About the Writer:

Writer Basit Raza Abbasi is a retired PAF Officer with a keen eye on geopolitical and strategic developments. He is a senior analyst for TV programs on international relations and current affairs. His deep understanding of regional developments especially political changes and international realignments make his analysis of the emerging situation very meaningful. He then applies his experiences to the new situations to chart a course of action for Pakistan which is pragmatic and offers an out of box solution to the most difficult and unpredictable situations. Other fields of interest are CPEC, the Energy, and Oil and Gas sector.


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