Check mate Vs Check mate by Seema Arif

OpinionCheck mate Vs Check mate by Seema Arif

Check mate Vs. Check mate

Why Nawaz Sharif should resign?I had said in my previous article: that one should expect the least expected.  The situation has turned gruesome because the kaleidoscope handed over to the people has fallen on the ground and all glass is broken bringing blood and tears into the eyes. Whether these tears will be washed away or the blood will blind the eyes….?

However, as the dust settles it is clear that we see the obvious partition in front of us. Again the PM has been able to play with his naïve complacency. Maneuvering skillfully, they mouthed rhetoric in the mouth of Ch. Nisar aggravating the sentiments of their allies; Mr. Khurshid Shah already resentful at personal failure and rejection at hands of Imran Khan could not control the spilling out of his wrath. How could a third force can emerge, be more democratic and steadfast in their mission to an extent that Pak Army would take personal notice of it. Isn’t such a role and position is befitting to PPP and how come Imran Khan a man with no serious political back ground can walk in the same shoes. His enthralling speech provided the pre-text to Achakzai, the accomplice to further strengthen the idea that the democracy was seriously endangered. When the atmosphere was set, the PM stood up like a hero and softly hit the most vulnerable target in the camp, which was perhaps celebrating its victory.

Alas! Mr. Khan you are bitten by the snake again at 99. It has taken people by shock who believe that leadership should be moral and bewildering those who have high moral ideals. The game of thrones has never been ascetic, although it is quite ecstatic. Forget that you can give your word in politics; no foes and no friends are final, Machiavelli says. And PM of Islami jamhooria Pakistan has proved it. He is stuck to throne like Musharraf was stuck to uniform. The moral and social pressures will take now tsunami by toll. The debate of words and their meanings have raised a whirl wind that will create clouds of doubt and skepticism in the hearts of illiterate and semi-literate masses; surely, they will concoct their own rationalizations and personal justifications to escape the dissonance. Some hue and cry will be created for a timebeing and then everything will be settled.

How this show of power is going to reflect over the army. Whether the army will restore justice and disband the Sharif government…? In that case the Sindh and Balochistan are with Sharif to uphold greater concern of democracy. It can lead to greater unrest in the country which it cannot afford in any case. The recent show of power of PML(N) on roads has demonstrated it clearly that they don’t mind showing street power. If the army lets Imran Khan and Qadri revolt, they would again be blamed of supporting disturbing elements in the country. Army has tried its best not to create any such perception. It is a situation of checkmate vs. check mate. The followers of PTI look at Khan for solution; it would be failure of his leadership if he does not provide any amicable solution. If army does not hold the situation; it means that they have subjugated to the PML(N) government. The stakes are high; the hopes are high, so are the fears and doubts…

… Resuming after repetition of 17th June. Alas! The streets of Islamabad you had tasted Inqulab after all. The red zone has become red and the Azadi Square will enjoy the similar reminiscences that of Tahreer Square. The people have suffered the similar fate; now meet the real Hosni Mubbarik as well. Qadri you wanted to be the martyr of Tahreer Square. Your wish will be granted by the Surmas. Before you will wake up tomorrow morning, there will be an FIR against you for causing unrest in the Capital city, leading an agitated mob and causing injury and death to so many people. And here the judiciary will be on her toes; you will not be granted any bail before arrest. Imran Khan you are his accomplice unfortunately; you did not listen carefully to the media; this was not your cup of tea; but you wanted it desperately Kaptan; so have it. Tables are turned; it’s the checkmate; Sir.

About the writer

Seema Arif is associate professor at School of Social Sciences & Humanities in University of Management & Technology, Lahore. Pakistan. She portrays herself as humble seeker of the Sufi way. Her academic output relates to organizational behavior and concerns about leadership. She has published widely in local and international newspapers, magazines and journals.

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