ONIC Sim Price, Packages and Code in Pakistan

PackagesONIC Sim Price, Packages and Code in Pakistan

The telecom landscape in Pakistan is about to witness a game-changing transformation with the entry of Onic SIM. This new digital telecom player aims to redefine connectivity by offering high-speed internet, exceptional support, hassle-free activation, and budget-friendly packages. As the current market faces rising taxes and expensive packages, Onic SIM emerges as a promising solution to address these challenges, making telecommunication accessible to all. This guide will walk you through the details of the Onic SIM card prices, types, and more.

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan And Packages


Onic Sim Price In Pakistan

The sim seems to be a well-liked option among Pakistani consumers, providing a cost-effective choice for individuals seeking dependable and effective connectivity. The Onic SIM is incredibly affordable, with prices starting from Rs 100 and going up to  Rs 150. Its solid position in the cutthroat industry is justified by the cost-effective strategy that makes it a popular choice for many

Here are the Onic SIM card prices for all tiers.

NetworkOnic SIM
Standard NumberFree
GoldenRs. 4,500
PurpleRs. 600
PlatinumRs. 22,500

How to Order Onic SIM Online in Pakistan

When the time comes, ordering an Onic SIM card is simple and quick. The steps for purchasing are as follows:

  • Click “Order Now” on the Onic website (https://www.onic.pk/).
  • Choose the SIM card you wish to purchase from the offered options.
  • As requested by the website, provide your contact information and personal information.
  • Choose a delivery method: pick up the SIM card in person at a nearby store or have it shipped to you.
  • Use any recognised payment method, including credit/debit cards, internet banking, mobile wallets, etc., to complete your purchase.
  • Your SIM card will be shipped to you or you can pick it up in-store following a successful payment.
  • Visit an authorised Onic retailer to activate the SIM with the appropriate package plan and a valid ID proof.
  • Put the SIM in your device and use it after everything is finished!

Onic Customer Care is there to help you if you need assistance ordering your SIM or have any questions. You can contact them by phoning their helpline or via their website.


A review on ONIC sim by Video Wali Sarkar

Onic SIM Types in Pakistan

The company introduces four distinct types of SIM cards, each catering to different needs.

  1. Standard Number: Onic offers the standard SIM for free, provided you opt for one of their data plans.
  2. Golden Number: For those seeking memorable numbers, the Golden Number option is available at a price of Rs 4,500. These numbers are designed for easy recall and are in high demand.
  3. Purple Number: The Purple Number, priced at Rs 600, strikes a balance between memorability and simplicity, providing an attractive choice for users.
  4. Platinum Number: The Platinum Number, with its unique offering, awaits its designated price from the company.

Onic Sim Code Number

All Onic SIM cards distributed in Pakistan have a number that starts with 0339


SIM’s pricing and bundle details are still being kept under wraps. What is known is that the network’s official website and social media accounts have already gone live. The network’s operations would also require partnerships with other networks or satellite transmissions to maintain solid signals and flawless service.

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan And Packages

Onic Packages in Pakistan

Here are some benefits of being part of the founder’s club of ONIC. For details packages, you can check out their official website.

Onic Packages in Pakistan

Onic Big Data30 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and 5,000 SMSPKR 890/-.30 Days
Epic Data100 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and 10,000 SMSPKR 1290/-.30 Days
Limitless200 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, and 10,000 SMSPKR 1990/-.30 Days

This Article has been updated on 16/08/23

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