One must serve one’s country

One must serve one’s country

By Sana Haroon

I don’t know what would be my role in my society according to professional career I have opted in my life.

It totally depends on future. However, being a human being, I would like to serve my society by raising my voice on issues which are major causes of the problems we are facing these days.

Unequal distribution of wealth is the worst of all.. Poor and needy people are deprived of their rights and basic necessities of life. Rate of unemployment is the major cause behind every under-developed country.

Being a volunteer , I would definitely build a non-profit organization for the betterment of people of the society as well as motivate them for their future..

Education is a Ladder of success. It is the only way to make standard of living better. I would create awareness among people about the importance of education. As it is a first step to succeed thus, everyone should get modern western education.

Inequality is the root of poverty. Therefore education system should be same for every student of a country, whether he is rich or poor. We should definitely make arrangements to provide same education system in every educational institute.

Being a citizen of a country,  every person has some duties or responsibilities in lieu of their rights. That must be fulfilled by them in any condition. It could be following of country’s law or volunteering.

Political instability is another hurdle for the development of society. Government of any state is truly responsible for fulfilling the basic needs of citizens which makes their life worth living.

Economic instability is a origin of unequal distribution of wealth. Government should implement effective policies for making the balance of payment favourable. They should control inflation or deflation to improve country’s economy and living standards. It may be a indirect way to serve society. People’s knowledge, attitude, skills, information also effects the development of society.

Scarcity is a serious problem. It means unlimited human wants and limited resources.

It is another obstacle. Population is increasing extensively and resources are limited. We should increase productive methods to solve the problem of scarcity. In our country, rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer day by day. This situation is worse and has to resolve as soon as possible.

Basically, The reason for every problem is “Erosion of self-identity” . Our lives are so much about what we do, what we want and what we get.  We have forgotten about others and moral values of the society. We are so much busy in our race of life. The difference between animal and human is a sense of morality. Human feels the need to help and to develop feelings of loyalty. In-short, everyone should help his society and community in different manners.

Although, “One must serve one’s country”.


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