Million sacrificial animals slaughtered in Lahore on first day of Eid al-Adha


Over one million sacrificial animals were slaughtered in Lahore on first day of three-days Eid al-Adha.
Lahore, Pakistan: Eid al-Adha that is also known as Eid Qurban is celebrated as “Sacrifice Feast” to honour the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of obedience to command of God. However, God replaced Hazrat Ismael (son of Hazhat Ibrahim) with a male goat to sacrifice instead. Muslims all over the world sacrifice animals while following this practice.
Lahore Solid Waste Management authorities confirmed to Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency that over one million animals including goats, cow, buffaloes and camels were sacrificed on first day of Eid.
Lahore Solid Waste Management Company (LWMC) devised a comprehensive plan to collect animal leftovers and take away out of city premises. Lahore was given a clean look by evening and roads and places where slaughtering of animals was done were washed away by staff of Lahore Solid Waste Management Company.
It is pertinent to mention that Company provided dispose-off bags to residents of Lahore a day before Eid and bag collection staff had been working around the clock for dumping animal leftovers out of city premises.
Lahore is provincial capital of Punjab having a population of over 12 million according to census conducted in May 2017.

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