Oncology Ward Mayo Hospital Lahore at death bed


By Sajida Bukhari

Lahore, Pakistan: Building shown in these pictures is neither an abandon building nor it is under the control Archeological department of Punjab province. This is Oncology Ward of Mayo Hospital Lahore.

Walls of passage is full of fungus and floor is full of filth and you are welcome by haunted surroundings after you cross a 40 year old Iron Gate. This ward played a immense role in the lives of thousands of oncologists of Pakistan who are working within the country and aboard because this is the oldest cancer ward of the sub-continent. Built and established in 1940, the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy of Mayo Hospital was the most advance medical facility in former British India. Ward was surrounded by trees and beds of flowers till early 70s. It was a worth place to live and fight against death for cancer patients. Now it gives a look of ruins with cancer patients fighting with their death living in this ward that looks like a place where time has stopped since World War II.

“I remember old days when area around this war (Oncology Ward) was a place full of trees, lush green gardens in two sides of the ward where flowers were always fresh and smiling and I remember cancer patients used to leave their death beds and spent sometime of their decaying life while sitting on benches placed in under trees. Everything is gone. Gardens gone and several new buildings were constructed but this unfortunate ward stays without any attention of authorities”, commented 65 year old Muhammad Boota who lives on Nisbat Road while remembering his youth he spent around Mayo Hospital.

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