Old Music Video by Hareem Shah Breaks the Surface – What’s So Special?

By Matthias Samuel

Pakistani TikTok sensation Hareem Shah has been in the news for some time for her videos she has been uploading on her TikTok specifically with some notable political leaders. The news has been in the circuit that the fall of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government would be just because of the scandals coming out of Hareem Shah’s videos. Though there are so many videos she has got attention with but a few are significant on the basis of her access to those spots and her links with some senior political leaders. Well… just like her previously uploaded videos, another one has stolen the spotlight as she dropped a music video titled ‘Nakhray Baaz’ on twitter.

In this video, Hareem Shah can be seen singing and posing along with Sandal Khattak and the rapper Aash Chughtai. 

Almost every video of the TikTok star goes viral but she got famous when one of her videos started doing the rounds on the internet where she could be seen roaming around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.

Moreover, we know that the Federal Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed is famous for his crispy talks and being unmarried till the date. But no one was aware of the fact that he will also be scandalized at any point of his political career. And surprisingly… it was again Hareem Shah in the spotlight for her scandal with the famous Sheikh Rasheed.

As far as Hareem Shah is concerned, her father had earlier also issued a video statement expressing his displeasure and saying: “May Allah accept my sacrifice and forgive my mistakes.”  Her real name is Fiza Hussain and people are suspicious about her popularity just like the way Qandeel Baloch got the fame, though the result of this scenario wasn’t pleasant.