NSA still hacks system of booking of “Aeroflot”?

Moscow: NSA hacked system of booking of “Aeroflot” in past but it is not clear that it still has success to Aeroflot data base.

The National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA hacked booking system of the Russian airline “Aeroflot”,  reports German magazine Spiegel.

According to the documents declassified by Edward Snowden testify, penetration into system of a carrier became “considerable success”  for intelligence services. When hacking was done, is not reported in testify documents. It is also not clear that does NSA still have access to data base of “Aeroflot” now?

According to Spiegel, ANB NSA got access to mails of all staff members of of Al Jazeera TV channel and managed to read correspondence of persons interesting intelligence service. Breaking of system of communications of “Al Jazeera” is also called big success. One of documents in which it is spoken about access to letters of journalists, belongs to March, 2006.