Now you can get an Amazon tablet for just 50$

The tablet fad is almost over, with sales dropping down, most OEMs have moved on from releasing a brand new tablet every year and started to focus more on phablets instead. Amazon however refuses to give up on their signature Kindle brand and have decided to continue in their yearly tradition to launch a new tablet sometime later this year.

Amazon tablet 50$

The tablet’s details are still kept a secret for now but Amazon has announced that it will continue with their tradition of making technology available to everyone by cutting down the consumer cost. The unknown tablet, which is to be released during the holiday season, will carry a price tag of $50, making it $49 cheaper than the Fire HD 6 released last year.  The only other detail known about the 6 inch variant is that to cut down costs, the tab will feature a single mono speaker instead of the standard stereo speaker. The tablet will be accompanied by 8 and 10 inch variants whose details are undisclosed at this moment.

Guess we will have to wait and see as more details about the tab are made public but it should come as no surprise if Amazon decides to market their 6 inch cheap tablet to families with small children and avoid comparing it to any other tablet available in the market in terms of specs or performance.

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