Now Repair iPhone at Home with Apple’s New Self-Service Repair

Apple’s iPhone has the most intricate design. While it’s external intricacy does appeal the masses and makes the tech giant’s followers drool all over, the internal intricacy however, is a different story. Now Apple has come up with a Self-Service Repair program to help customers repair iPhone at home.

iPhone Parts and Repair

iPhones are known to be complicated even when cell phones were generally not that complicated. They are one the most trickiest phones to get inside of and it’s not an easy job repairing them. And in majority of instances, the device only accepts original parts from Apple itself. Something that is a major challenge in some regions still.

Self-Service Repair Program

Apple Self Service Repair

Apple prides itself to be a revolutionizing game changer. What they have now in store for their customers is more towards their convenience while setting a trend once again. Introducing the “Self Service Repair” program that enables people like you and me to repair iPhone at home.

Consumers now can place orders for Apple’s components and repairing tools. This is a big move on Apple’s part as this means access to Apple’s components and repairing kits for everyone.

Not only this, customers who order different components and repairing tools will be able to avail a certain credit on their purchase if a used/damaged part has returned.

For a start, Apple will only be launching this service with common components like touch-screens, battery units and camera modules. Apple claims that it’s latest stores will facilitate it’s customers with over 200 individual components and and repairing tools. Repair manuals are also a part of this service program making it a lot easier to repair iPhone at home.

When will the Program Roll Out?

The Self Service program will roll out with the release of the iPhone 13 models. The next step for this program is to incorporate M1 Mac computers as well. Apple plans to launch this service in the first quarter of 2022 in the US.

Even after announcing this service to the world the tech giant still urges it’s users to opt for a certified repair provider as it is still the “safest and most reliable way to get a repair”.

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