How to check your E-Challan Online in Lahore, Pakistan?

Update: Recently, it has been confirmed that all traffic cameras are going to be fully active form December 1st 2018.

E Challans have been activated in Lahore

Under the directives of the Lahore High Court (LHC), E-Challan System has been initiated in Lahore by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA), a technology-based hassle-free move which has already triggered a welcome response by motorists.

How to pay your E-challan?

The PSCA Spokesman said that initially, the Challan amount will have to be paid through the Bank of Punjab while the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is also being brought into the System for violators to submit their Challan amount.

How to check your e-Challans online?

Citizens can easily check there e-Challans online visiting traffic police website. All you have to do is to enter your car’s details along with the CNIC Number and check for any due fines.

How to Pay the Challan?

  1. If you have the hard copy of the e-challan then citizens of Lahore can pay the e-challan in the National Bank of Punjab or the NBP (National Bank of Pakistan)
  2. If you own a bank account, paying through ATM card is the best option.

How we can check the e-challan?

  1. If you have not got the E-challan at your home you can visit the website, the website is compatible for desktop browsers yet.
  2. Enter the CNIC number on which the vehicle is registered on E Challan Portal
  3. Enter the vehicle registry number on Challan Portal
  4. You will get the e-challan on your screen. Print the e-challan.
  5. If the screen is showing “No Record Found’’, it means you added the wrong information or you have not been fined.
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What if the E-challan is not paid?

If the e-challan is not paid within the due date then the authorities can take the necessary action against the vehicle owner. The vehicle may also be seized and will only be released when all the challans are paid.

Since the service is only for Lahore, the people of Lahore responded to the service positively. If the project is successful in Lahore it will be expanded to the other main cities of Punjab also. As of yet, it has produced over 90,000 challans. The violations have reduced also, which will hopefully lower the number of accidents in the city. This is the great initiative taken by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority, and we hope that other provinces will soon take a note!

Can you sell out your car if E challans are unpaid?

Likewise, if the vehicle needs to be sold it would be necessary to pay fines during the documentation process.

Can you pay E Challan online?

No, at this time, citizens of Lahore won’t be able to pay E Challans online. Soon enough, the system to pay E Challan online will be introduced for Punjab.

PSCA Spokesman Speaks on E Challan System in Lahore

The PSCA Spokesman also said that E-Challan System will be launched in other Cities as well. Citizens of Lahore would be able to check their E-challans online now.

It is worth mentioning here that in normal customary practice if a driver violates traffic rules, he is penalized by the Traffic Police Officer and handed over a Challan Ticket. Meanwhile, his vehicle documents are seized by the Officer. The drive may collect his vehicle documents back after paying the Challan amount in any prescribed bank branch.

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But the process is time-consuming and the driver remains deprived of his documents for days till he pays the Challan fee and retrieves them. However, under the E-Challan System, the whole process gets completed with a few minutes.

How to check your E-Challan Online in Lahore, Pakistan?
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How to check your E-Challan Online in Lahore, Pakistan?
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