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New year resolutions

Many of us are packing 2022 thankfully with memories of achievements and happiness. On the other hand, many are ending it with a reminiscence of loss, grief, and lessons. As we are all heading onto the carriage leading us into 2023, it is high time to set some new year resolutions for 2023. Because until and unless you do not have a set plan in your head before starting something, you cannot end it well. 


With every beginning year, everyone wants to have a fresh start in life. This initiative can help by adopting some new healthy habits and shunning some unhealthy practices from life. New Year resolutions 2023 is going to promise that every one of us is going to make it with ourselves to make it a better year. Therefore, at the end of 2023, we can see ourselves in a better position than we are now. By having a path and goals to follow, our year will be less full of difficulties and chaos. Many of us might also be able to find peace within ourselves. 

New Year Resolutions Suggestions

Can’t think of what your new year resolutions should be? We have a few suggestions that will surely help you in being a better person.

  • Book Reading
  • Budgeting
  • Focus on Your Passion
  • Shrink Your Screen Time
  • Embrace spirituality
  • Learn New Things
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Kindness
  • Keep a Journal
  • Self-Care

Book Reading

New year resolution

Booking reading is one of the healthy new year resolutions that everyone needs to adopt in life. There are millions of books with multiple genres to meet the tastes of all individuals. Either you want to read some motivational non-fiction books, or you want to have a good time with yourself by delving into the lives of fictional characters. There is something for everyone.

Visit libraries, purchase books, or read online. Once you start reading, you will have less time to listen to others’ crap. It will empower you as a person and make you learn a lot more than you would have done by sitting idly at home. So, this new year starts by reading at least two pages a day.



Every year we are left grieving over the lack of money. We all come across the issue of not having enough money to fulfil our wants. This happens not because we earn less but because we don’t know how to spend it efficiently. 

Therefore, Budgeting can help a lot in making your life mess-free and happy. Starting to make a budget for your spending pattern, creates financial stability in your life. You should start preparing your budget and always keep savings separate from your spending. You can use those savings in case of an emergency or buy something you had been longing for quite a long time. By having a budget, you create your own financial plan which will prevent you from spending money on useless things.

Focus On Your Passion

New year resolutions

Find your passion and follow it rather than wandering idly in your life. The sooner you meet your ambition, the more peaceful your life will be. So, think about what you want to do in life and start working on yourself to achieve it.

If you are pursuing higher studies or a job, always go for your passion. Because when you do something that makes your heart happy, you do it in a better way. It also lets you grow more in the field. So, risk yourself to follow your passion because that will take you somewhere in life than rot in the same office chair forever.

Shrink Your Screen Time

Shrink your screen time

We usually use laptops, tablets or mobile phones to work or study or communicate with others. This technology has made us dependent upon itself which has some negative effects on our physical and mental health. Apart from work and study, we keep scrolling through our social media in our free time.

Therefore, rather than using our mobile phones, we need to adopt other healthy habits like working out, painting, dancing, writing, reading, etc, to keep ourselves busy. Promise your body to give it more physical activity rather than confining you to your phones or laptops.

Embrace Spirituality

In a world where everyone is running after material things, your new year resolutions must include embracing spirituality. The chaos, disturbance, and conflicts will all move aside because, in spirituality, you will find your true self. 

Strengthen your bond with your Lord and that will take you far from negativity and closer to success.

Learn New Things

New year resolutions

Our world is too vast. So, if you think that you have learnt a lot, there is still a lot more to know. So, try to utilize your time in a positive way by learning new things. Learn a new language or any skill that could help you in future to get better opportunities in life. 

It will keep you from wasting your time and will help in improving your skills. There are many things that you can learn like crypto trading, painting, singing, designing, etc.

Stop Procrastinating


Procrastination has taken an important place in our lives. We find solace in delaying our work even if it is important. Lethargy dominates us until something is really important to do. Procrastination is taking away the best times from our life and halting us from doing important tasks.

Therefore, we must create a schedule for day-to-day work. It will help in organizing your life in a better way. When you stop procrastinating, you will not regret missing opportunities, there will be fewer problems in life, you will experience more self-control, and you will be more proud of yourself. 


New year resolutions

Learn to adopt kindness in your life. Everyone should have this on the list of new year resolutions. Because when everyone starts adopting kindness and start doing good in life, it will make the world a better place. 

We can remove negativity, injustice, and poor treatment from the world. So, show kindness to your friends, family, strangers, animals, and nature. Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. If you show kindness to someone it will come back to you in a positive way. Thus making your life full of happiness and optimism.

Keep a Journal

New year resolutions

Keeping a journal is like keeping your memories. Try to keep either a daily, weekly or monthly journal to write down things that you have done or pen down your feelings. When you pen down your feelings in a journal, it is better for your catharsis. You can feel light when you write down problems on a piece of paper and try to sort them out. 

Another important aspect of writing a journal is reflecting on yourself. When you write in a journal, you write about yourself. So, that helps in reflecting on your actions. It motivates the writers to do good things in life so they are proud to write or read them afterwards.


Self care

Last but not least. Self-care. Self-care is the most important thing to add to your new year resolutions. You need to prioritize yourself over others. Self-care is important for your physical and mental well-being.

Self-care includes working out, eating healthy, staying hydrated, meditating, travelling, adopting a skincare routine, decluttering your space and mind, and much more. By giving small things to your body and mind, you can see bigger life changes. 

End Note

A New Year is not just a year adding to your life but a beginning. To have a fresh start in your life, you can start with every new year. So, this year make sure you embrace some of the things mentioned above. At the end of the year, they will help to make you a better person. Start with something little and speed up when you feel comfortable. On an endnote, Happy New Year. 

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
Dua is a seasoned writer who loves to write on Pakistani Entertainment and Infotainment while having her Masters in English literature

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